Why We Need Donations

Chaplain Ministries is a great value for your “missionary support” dollar. Our military and civilian “missionaries’” salaries and benefits are paid by the institutions the chaplains work for. That is usually the largest component of most missionary budgets, and even though we only have two full-time and two part-time employees (I, as the Executive Director, my Administrative Assistant, and our two part-time Associate Directors), it is also the largest component of our budget as well.

Chaplain Ministries Budget Overview:

Expenses 2011 Working Budget Percent to total budget
Salaries and Benefits $223,400 65%
Travel    $45,000 13%
Annual Chaplain Training Event    $19,000 5%
Telephone    $  4,000 1%
Printing/Postage/Materials/Supplies    $15,000 4%
The Guardian Prayer Newsletter (printing and postage)    $31,300 9%
Annual PRCC Commission Meeting Expenses     $4,000 1%
Annual General Assembly Expenses      $4,000 1%
Honorariums and Retirement Gifts       $  500 0%
NCMAF, ECVAC, COMMISS & Other Organization dues       $3,800 1%
Total Budget  $ 350,000 100 %

Since salaries and travel make up the majority of our budget, you might wonder what is it that we actually DO with that money you send to us?

I tell people that we:

“Catch, Credential and Care”

“Catching,” of course, is recruiting new men to serve in the “high adventure” role as a military or civilian chaplain. I am happy to report that over 59 men are currently in the application process!

“Credentialing” is ensuring that these men meet denominational and government standards for their particular chaplaincy. Education is critical, and so is physical and spiritual fitness.

“Caring” is the most important thing we do! Our chaplains are highly trained, godly, professional men who give of themselves day after day. They pour themselves into the lives of others… and do so with intensity that would exhaust the most dedicated Servants of Christ. Our Chaplains need care!

As I “Catch, Credential and Care” I wear two hats. One is the “Mission to North America, Coordinator, Chaplain Ministries” hat. The other is “Presbyterian and Reformed Commission on Chaplains and Military Personnel (PRCC), Executive Director.” The latter role includes five other Reformed and Presbyterian denominations. When you put them all together we have close to 260 military and civilian chaplains across the world with whom we am engaged.

As I said, our most important job is “Caring,” and that is where we need your help! Your generous gifts and earnest prayers throughout the years have enabled Chaplain Ministries to enjoy the “personal touch.” Year after year, our chaplains comment on how much they appreciate the visits of my predecessors, Bill & Helen Leonard and Dave Peterson…and the encouraging counsel of Beryl & Carolyn Hubbard and Stan Beach. They also are deeply indebted to Gary Hitzfeld, my Administrative Assistant, for his engaging and dedicated work of keeping in touch with each of them.

This kind of care requires dollars for traveling to meet with chaplains and prospective chaplains, and their wives, and for individual counseling and training events.

Our chaplains need even more, however, if they are to minister effectively in a post-Christian world. As our support grows, we can provide for these additional “Care Commitments:”

  • Host “Recovery Retreats” for chaplains and spouses returning from war
  • Plan special training events to keep them connected to their churches
  • Provide scholarships for seminarians planning on serving as chaplains
  • Provide Reformed books and resources to help them grow spiritually
  • Provide Reformed literature to hand out to troops around the world
  • Host “New Chaplain” retreats so our newest servants get a good start

Our current budget is $350,000 for 2011. But, if God blessed with $100,000 more, we could begin to implement some of the ministries mentioned above. A regular gift of $25, $50, $100, $500…or a large gift for one of the above “Care Commitments” …would be a tremendous blessing to our committed chaplains.

No matter what hat I am wearing, I am humbled at the generosity of our Chaplain Ministries friends. Since there are hundreds of worthy ministries out there, knowing that you are behind us is intensely gratifying.
Thank you for your faithfulness as we ”Catch, Credential and Care!”

In Christ, “…for He cares for you.” I Peter 5:7

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Douglas E. Lee, Endorser