2016 MNA Thanksgiving Offering

You Can Help Us Reach Under-served Communities

Thanksgiving Offering Brochure CoverWe in the PCA face a challenge planting churches in multiethnic and economically fragile communities. We don’t have many people from those backgrounds preparing for ministry. At Mission to North American we are identifying potential pastors for these communities by providing internships and tuition scholarships to help them pursue their passion and vision for ministry. Taken up in congregations and groups across the PCA, the Thanksgiving Offering provides funds to churches who are raising up the next generation of workers.

Take a moment to read some of the success stories in the 2016 Brochure:

Alejandro’s Story

Daniel’s Story

Michael’s Story

Your generous donations made it possible for Daniel Thangpui to preach the Word of God to people from Myanmar, for Michael Williamson to join Pastor Michael Winebrenner in building a crosscultural church, and for Alejandro DeLabastide to prepare for ministry while working part-time at Strong Tower Church in Lakeland FL. These young men will help carry the PCA into the future.

You can order free copies of the Thanksgiving Offering brochure to distribute at your church, Sunday school, or prayer group. We encourage pastors to preach a sermon that includes the mission of the Thanksgiving Offering, and then take up an offering as a congregation. Individual contributions are also welcome. Your gift will play a significant role in training those who will minister among the many ethnic groups in North America.

Order Your Free Brochures Donate to the Thanksgiving Offering

Or send checks made out to Mission to North America and designated for Thanksgiving Offering to:

Mission to North America
PO Box 890233
Charlotee NC 28289-0233

If you have questions, please contact Karen Swartz at kswartz@pcanet.org or 678-825-1235.