Thanksgiving Offering

2013 MNA Thanksgiving Offering

Mentoring leaders for our diverse communities

Thanksgiving_2013The MNA Thanksgiving Offering provides grants to help support those who have been called by God to minister to ethnically diverse communities across the nation – people groups who are currently not well served by the PCA. Featured in the brochure are individuals who have received support from the Thanksgiving Offering to help provide their training for ministry leadership. These are just a few of the many men and women who have received support through your faithful giving each year.

Christ Church in the Hill began as a Bible study in a low income New Haven CT neighborhood. The Hill is well known for violent crime, drug trafficking, teen pregnancy and illiteracy. Today, this small but thriving church community, led by Tolivar Wills, is giving residents a new sense of hope. “We’re ministering to some very broken, damaged people here,” says Tolivar. “Our people can’t read, they have [prison] records, they can’t hold down jobs; there’s a lot of mental illness, unbelievable poverty, sexual and physical abuse. It makes for slow going.”

Last summer, with funding from the Thanksgiving Offering, Christ Church called Greg Phelan as an intern, to work with inner city youth. Greg is a Ph.D. candidate at Yale, studying economics. He’s been involved with the church since 2009. “Greg helped us with our summer camp, ran an after-camp program, and works with our youth,” says Tolivar. “He and his wife really have a heart for working with the poor. They did a great job of preparing and training indigenous small group leaders on how to lead a small group and how to think through the Bible.”

To view the brochure and read more inspiring stories from those who have received support through the Thanksgiving Offering, click this link: 2013 Thanksgiving Offering Brochure.

To request copies of the brochure for yourself or you congregation, call the MNA office at 678-825-1200.

Click here to make a contribution to the Thanksgiving Offering. Your gift will play a significant role in training those who will minister among the many ethnic groups in North America.