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Historic SC Flooding – October 2015

What is being referred to as the worst flooding since Hurricane Hugo has hit a major portion of the state of SC. MNA Disaster Response is in contact with local PCA leadership to begin the process of assessing damages. The needs presented by this catastrophic event are massive. Reports are still coming in, but already have included over 50 PCA members’ homes that have been flooded and one PCA congregation that has lost its place of worship. To read the latest information, please click here.

MNA Disaster Response has set up a designated fund to receive donations to assist with the tremendous financial needs presented by this event. To donate to this fund, please click here.

IMMEDIATE NEED FOR VOLUNTEERS! We are currently mobilizing volunteers to serve at Andrews SC, Kingstree SC, and Sumter SC and anticipate other sites opening within a few days. If you would like to serve, please register as a disaster response volunteer (click here).




For information about completed disaster response missions, click here.