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1,000 Year Flood Hits LA

Louisiana has been hit by what the National Weather Service has termed the ‘1,000 year flood’. A slow-moving storm hovered for several days over much of LA dumping as much as three feet of water in some locations. One source stated that a record four trillion gallons of rain fell over Baton Rouge alone! Throughout the state over 30,000 people were rescued from their homes, at least 11 lives have been lost and over 40,000 homes have been destroyed. As a result thirty parishes have been declared disaster areas.

MNA Disaster Response is in contact with local leadership at the numerous PCA churches and church plants in the wide-spread impacted area. The delivery of critical supplies is well underway, bringing much needed shower trailers, flood buckets, hygiene kits, school kits and other items as requested by those in the area. Initial reports indicate that PCA church structures are not affected; however, many PCA families have taken on water in their homes. The situation continues to unfold as waters have not yet crested in some places and rain is continuing to fall as well.

In the meantime, local volunteers have been mobilized to begin meeting needs. MNA Disaster Response is working with local churches to establish Volunteer Staging areas to house outside volunteers. Once these staging areas are in place we will mobilize volunteers to go and serve. If you would like to go and serve, please register at the volunteer signup link below. Please check back here for more information as it becomes available.

MNA Disaster Response Director Arklie Hooten filmed loading relief kits at the Disaster Response Warehouse in Rome GA. You can view the video here.

Donate to LA Flood Relief

Checks can be made out to Mission to North America and designated for Louisiana Flood relief, and mailed to

Mission to North America
PO Box 890233
Charlotte NC 28289-0233.

Louisiana Flood Appeal Letter

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