A Discipling & Mentoring Elder Seasoned in the Word

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1. Organization:

Church or Ministry Name: Grace & Peace Presbyterian Church
Address: 923 College Street, Suite 200, Bowling Green, KY  42101
Phone: 270-799-0641

2. Opportunity:

Job Title: A discipling & mentoring elder seasoned in the Word
Job Description:  A mature believer with the time to disciple and mentor younger believers who have young families and don’t have an abundance of their own time to assist in helping set up small groups (covenant groups).
Paid or Volunteer: Volunteer
Housing: No housing provided
Special Qualifications: A mature and seasoned believer who applies the gospel in his daily life, who loves God, who loves people and will consider relocating to Bowling Green KY for 2 to 3 years to assist with this ministry.
Hours per Week: To be determined but enough hours to assist in the ministry on a major level.
Worksite Location:  At the church and in the member’s community
Expected Length of Need: Preferably 2 to 3 years if at all possible.

3. Contact Information:

The following person may be contacted to find out more about this opportunity to serve.

Name: Pastor Brian Howard
Title: Church Planter/Pastor
Phone: Cell 270-799-0176 and Church 270-799-0641

4. About the Ministry:

Here is a brief paragraph (120 words) describing the church or ministry to be served (size, demographics, year started, etc.).

Five years ago, this ministry was started and now there is a core group of members (40-50). There is a good contingent of college students during the school year, with some of this group dropping off between school breaks and the summer months. There is only a handful of established families and a couple of seasoned church member veterans. The main contingent of the church congregation is made up of young people just starting out in their careers, people who are also young in their faith and what it means to follow Christ.

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