Midtown Community Church



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1. Organization:

Church or Ministry Name: Midtown Community Church
Address:  P.O. Box 20269, Raleigh, NC 27619
Phone: 919-601-3903
Email: Lindsey@midtown-church.org
Website: midtown-church.org

2. Opportunity:

Job Title:  Mature individual with mentoring gifts
Job Description:  Desiring an older individual(s) who sees it as their purpose and mission to mentor those younger in age and in their spiritual walk, and to raise up future leaders in the church. This person will invest in the lives of 20-30 year old young professionals, assisting them through the struggles of life and how their faith fits in.
Paid or Volunteer:  Volunteer
Housing: No housing provided
Special Qualifications: Nurturing and mentoring gifts, discipling.
Hours per Week: As needed
Worksite Location (in person, virtual, etc.): In person
Expected Length of Need:  This opportunity needs someone long term to build and develop relationships.

3. Contact Information:

The following person may be contacted to find out more about this opportunity to serve.

Name: Lindsey Williams
Title: Pastor
Email: Lindsey@midtown-church.org
Phone: 919-601-3903

4. About the Ministry:

Here is a brief paragraph (120 words) describing the church or ministry to be served (size, demographics, year started, etc.).

Midtown was established less than 3 years ago and has about 130 worshipping on Sundays.  It is situated in one of the fastest growing communities in Raleigh, NC and in the United States.  Made up of 20 – 30 year old young professionals, Midtown seeks to have a community focus within the church, building authentic relationships

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