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Listing 1079B – Office Administrator and Support – MNA Urban & Mercy Ministries, Chattanooga TN

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1. Organization:

Church or Ministry Name: The New City Network
Address:  2412 E. Fourth St. Chattanooga, TN 37404
Phone:  770-905-6976
Email:  chaprandy@gmail.com
Website:  www.thenewcitynetwork.org

2. Opportunity:

Job Title:  Office Administrator and Support
Job Description:  General office administrative work including clerical, phone, and computer work.
Paid or Volunteer:  Volunteer
Housing: Not provided, but obtainable.
Special Qualifications:  General office skills including basic computer knowledge.
Hours per Week:  20-30 hours per week.
Worksite Location (in person, virtual, etc.):  Preferred on site at New City Fellowship Church in  Chattanooga, TN but virtual may be possible.
Expected Length of Need:  Would prefer a commitment of at least one year.

3. Contact Information:

The following person may be contacted to find out more about this opportunity to serve.

Name:  Randy Nabors
Title:  Coordinator, The New City Network, MNA Urban & Mercy Ministries
Email:  chaprandy@gmail.com
Phone:  770-905-6976

4. About the Ministry:

Here is a brief paragraph (120 words) describing the church or ministry to be served (size, demographics, year started, etc.).

The New City Network is a church planting and development movement working under the auspices of Mission to North America.  The Network comprises churches and ministries that are urban, cross-cultural, include the poor, have joyful worship, and sound Biblical teaching.  It has works in about sixty cities and is growing.



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