Community Builders, Easton PA

Community Vision
Community Builders exists to be a “blessing” to the city of Easton (West Ward, Downtown, and Southside). As followers of Jesus we believe that just as we have been “blessed” so we are called to be a “blessing” bringing about revitalization and reconciliation. Community Builders seeks to do that through planned “service days/weekends” and “service weeks” within our community and amongst our neighbors. Community Builders does not exist as a ‘social service program’ in and of itself, but exists to remind individual followers of Jesus that we are called to a lifestyle of service, sacrifice and “blessing” to our neighbors and surrounding communities.

NOTE: Our salvation wasn’t earned by our good works/deeds. We are saved by faith, and not by good works (Ephesians 2:8-9). Nevertheless, God wants our lives to be filled with good works—doing what is right and helpful to others. In this we are to follow the example of Jesus, who “went around doing good” (Acts 10:38). It is faith alone that saves, but the faith that saves is never alone.

Participants Vision
For those who would participate in Community Builders, it is important to know that the service you will be involved in is not merely about good feelings (i.e. feeling good about yourself). We hope and pray that you will have good feelings and great memories, but more than that our hope and prayer is that you will be encouraged to return home touched by grace and with a vision and burden to be a “blessing” in your church’s own community and your own neighborhood.


  • Service Projects & Building Restoration (think WORK – Habitat for Humanity/home makeover/trash, rubbish removal, etc.)
  • Urban Immersion (think FOOD and FUN – a number of opportunities to meet the people and places that make cities/Easton unique)
  • Missional Teaching/Training (think LEARNING – a number of lessons related to being missional in your own communities and churches)


  • Three work days a year (subject to change/March, September, December)
  • One service week per year (subject to change/June)

Typical Day

Day/Weekend Trips

  • 8am, Breakfast, Devotions and Prayer
  • 9am, Service Prep
  • 10am, Service Projects
  • Noon, Lunch
  • 12:30pm, Service Projects
  • 4:30pm, clean-up
  • 5:30pm dinner and debrief

Week Trips

  • 7am, Breakfast, Devotions and Prayer
  • 8am, Service Prep
  • 9am, Service Projects
  • Noon, Lunch
  • 12:30pm, Service Projects
  • 3pm, clean-up & relax
  • 5pm dinner
  • 6pm, teaching or free time or out
  • 8pm, worship, share and debrief
  • 9pm, free time & bed time

For more information contact:
Sherry Lanier
MNA ShortTerm Missions and Disaster Response Facilitator