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Trinity Presbyterian Church - Slidell, Louisiana

Help meet the physical and spiritual needs of those in the Slidell community who have been affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Join with Mission to North America and Trinity Presbyterian in relief efforts for the Slidell, Louisiana area. In an attempt to assist some of the victims of Hurricane Katrina and to show the love of Christ to our brothers and sisters in Slidell, MNA has formed a partnership with Trinity Presbyterian Church to rebuild and restore hope to the people in Slidell. Consider whether you may be able to support us in this endeavor—by coming to Slidell or by supplying the necessary funds to keep this project going. May God receive all of the glory and may we continue to praise Him for what He has done.

Project Overview

The goal of Trinity Presbyterian is to restore as many homes structures as possible and to use the projects involved to effectively minister the love of Jesus Christ through word and deed. We also wish to restore our own church facility to its pre-Katrina state. Not only providing workers and materials to rebuild homes, Trinity aims to reach out into this broken community armed with the Word of God, to draw men to Him.


The only costs are your transportation-related expenses to and from your home and Slidell. Shelter is provided at the camp for volunteers. The fees you pay are for the sole purpose of covering costs for the ministry or church with whom you are serving; MNA receives no income or financial benefit from the fees you pay.


BEDDING: Bring sleeping bags, air mattresses, sheets, blankets and pillows. Each team is responsible for its own bedding. Right now, teams will be sleeping on the floor inside the church facility, so bring whatever is needed to make yourself comfortable. Air mattresses or foam pads are a good idea.

OTHER: Bring your cell phone for communication from the base camp and the repair sites. Bring towels and toiletries. Electrical outlets are available in camp, for shavers, hair dryers, phone chargers, etc.

CLOTHES: Volunteers will be involved in construction work. Clothes should be appropriate for this kind of activity. Gloves and other protective gear are great ideas.

PROVIDED: Building materials are provided at no cost.


Trinity Presbyterian members are prepared to provide three evening meals per week for volunteers. Teams should be prepared and equipped to prepare/purchase all other meals for themselves. Trinity provides a fully functioning kitchen for volunteers to prepare your own meals. There are a number of grocery stores and restaurants in the area.


You will be involved in light construction and some gutting. Although it is hard to believe, there are still homes in this area that have not been gutted since the storms. Be prepared to haul debris, knock out drywall, hammer, shingle, paint, etc. In other words, be flexible! Homes could be in any stage of repair when you arrive. There are also some maintenance projects taking place on the church grounds.


We have the usual generic tools onsite such as hammers, screwdrivers, paintbrushes, etc. If you have a specialized skill and any specialized tools you may need to bring those with you. Contact us to find out what specialized tools we do have on location.


A tetanus shot within the last five years is strongly recommended, particularly for those working in homes. We have been told that Hepatitis shots would only be necessary if contacting body fluids, like blood. We do not expect that to happen.


SLEEPING: Trinity, Slidell is providing two rooms on the church property to house volunteers. Each room is gender specific. One has carpeting and the other does not. Please bring your own sleeping bag as well as other bedding you may desire—sheets and pillow.

SHOWERS/RESTROOM/LAUNDRY: Trinity volunteers have access to restrooms on the property. Showers are taken at Crossgate Athletic Center, less than ½ mile away from the site at a charge of $1/per person/per shower. Please bring your own towels.


Travel-related expenses to and from home to Slidell will be the responsibility of the team. Please be sure that you arrange a ride both ways. All local transportation in Slidell is also the responsibility of the volunteer team, including travel to and from the Base Camp to the repair sites. If your team is flying in, some rental agencies have vans available and are a good choice. New Orleans airport is closest, but sometimes teams use the airport in Gulfport, MS. All rental vehicle expenses and arrangements are the responsibility of the volunteer team.


Trinity is currently hosting teams the third Saturday of each month. We can house up to 15 people at a time. Where possible, we would like volunteers to work Saturday through Friday, traveling on the weekend. There will be no work on Sunday. Those present are invited to attend Sunday morning worship with Trinity Presbyterian. We will enjoy Fellowship with the volunteer teams after Sunday morning service.


Slidell is located less than 30 minutes east of New Orleans. Building material stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and gas stations are open. Most supplies are available locally.

Need more information?

Contact Arklie Hooten / 678-294-3011


Sherry Lanier

MNA ShortTerm Missions and Disaster Response Facilitator


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