Children’s Curriculum Adaptations Pilot Project

Adapted Curriculum header croppedLast month we launched a year-long pilot project to train 15 congregations in how to adapt their Sunday School curriculum for their children with differing levels of ability. Many children with mild to significant special needs have learning challenges that require some level of special accommodations in order to for them to learn effectively.

School systems’ special educators have the skills to adapt curriculum, but most churches don’t have special educators or other professionals in their congregations. The purpose of this pilot project is really two-fold: help these congregations gain these skills and help us develop a comprehensive training program during the process. We will be able to make our training methods and materials available for free download on our website, and our Ministry Facilitators will be able to help congregations in the future.

Since February 2015, we have been actively preparing for this project in partnering with CDM and Great Commission Publications. The project will cover the Fall and Winter quarters (26 lessons) of GCP’s Show Me Jesus curriculum. SMJ is used widely in the PCA and in many other denominations. In fact, the congregations participating in the project represent five denominations.

We are very excited about this project. We know of no other denomination or Christian organization that offers this kind of training that will benefit children with special needs, their families and their congregations.