Special Needs Ken Campbell

Ken Campbell

Ken and Cathy CampbellEmail: kcampbell@pcanet.org
Home Church: Redeemer Presbyterian Church (Austin/Cedar Park)
City/State: Leander, Texas

Pastor Ken and his wife, Cathy, are living out their dream of taking successful careers and making their “Second Half” significant! Ken worked for IBM from 1961 to 1994 as a business management consultant. Since ordination to the gospel ministry in 1995, Ken has pastored churches in Wilton, CT and Martha’s Vineyard, MA, and he now serves a PCA church in Austin, TX. Ken identified several Best Practices in Disability Ministry while conducting research for his book, That My House May Be Filled: Implementing a Church Ministry With People Impacted by Disability.

Why are you passionate about disability ministry?
Seeing Paul smile when I offer him the communion bread and wine!

What topics in the arena of special needs ministry are of most interest to you?
Pastor-to-Pastor, church relations, physical disability, disability research

What is your heartfelt prayer for our churches, when it comes to special needs ministry?
That pastors will embrace the fact that until the poor, crippled, blind and lame are fully integrated into the local church, that church is not full.

Favorite Food:
A 12 oz. Texas ribeye steak – or a 3-pound Maine lobstah (I could be happy with either).

Favorite Book:
Nine Tailors (Dorothy Sayers) (but I’m very fickle – the last book read is often my favorite)

Favorite Quotation:
“It’s not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what’s required.”
Winston Churchill

“People who know me well, most frequently hear me say…”:
“Congregation of our Lord Jesus Christ”; ending prayers with the words, “…with thanksgiving….”