Special Needs Martie Kwasny

Martha B. Kwasny (Martie)

Martie KwasnyEmail: mkwasny@pcanet.org
Home Church: Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church
City/State: Jackson, Mississippi

Martie received a Bachelor of Science in Special Education-Severe to Profound from Louisiana State University in 1987. She later received a Master of Arts in Counseling from Regent University in 1991. Martie has taught various Special Education classes in Texas, Virginia, and Louisiana. Currently, she is Director of Sonbeams, the special needs ministry at Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church (PCA) where her husband, John, is Director of Christian Education and Children’s Ministry. Martie is also Director of Joni and Friends Jackson. Martie and John are blessed with eight children.

Why are you passionate about disability ministry?
My passion for disability ministry comes from knowing that the only true way to overcome the difficulty of life is through the gospel. It is my desire for all to be presented the gospel and accepted into His Church. It is my desire to see the Church grow in a heart of mercy to embrace those that are marginalized and to lead in caring for those who cannot care for themselves, availing true community. My passion comes from being that very person in dire need of God at a very young age.

What topics in the arena of special needs ministry are of most interest to you?
Respite, Christian education, community outreach, church relations, ministering to the family, physical disability, intellectual disability, deaf ministry, and biblical counseling in the areas of marriage and family, parenting, sorrow, anxiety, depression, fear, etc.

What is your heartfelt prayer for our churches, when it comes to special needs ministry?
To embrace the gospel by owning this walk with our families and to redeem that which has been lost in serving those who have been cast aside.

Favorite Food:
I love food! I love to eat what I can’t make.

Favorite Book:
The Sermon on the Mount (Martyn Lloyd-Jones)

Favorite Quotation:
“If we were humble, nothing would change us – neither praise nor discouragement. If someone were to criticize us, we would not feel discouraged. If someone were to praise us, we also would not feel proud.” Mother Teresa
“The troubled surface of a lake will not reflect an image.” Author Unknown
“Just do the next thing.” Elisabeth Elliot

“People who know me well, most frequently hear me say…”:
“Who are you thinking of?”
“The good is often the enemy of the best.”