Accommodating Visual Impairments in Your Church

MNA Engaging Disability offers some excellent, practical tips your church can use to accommodate those with vision impairments. As part of making sure those with disabilities are enfolded in our church congregations, they will also be launching a line of adapted Christian Education Visuals (your partnership can help make these a reality!). Get all the tips and news about upcoming projects here.

Sheds of Hope Project

MNA Disaster Response was selected by RUF Summer Conference to be the mercy ministry outreach focus for 2019. Each week conference participants built, delivered, and set up Sheds of Hope that were given to families that were impacted by Hurricane Michael. Some video highlights:

Click here to hear from some of the participants.

Metanoia Prison Ministries News

Tim McCracken is the Metanoia Prison Ministries Regional Director, San Joaquin Valley. He is finding hearts open to the gospel in area prisons; they just need volunteers willing to engage the men in regular Bible study.  Learn more about how you can support this ministry – read the entire newsletter here.

Register Your Church with Engaging Disability

Register Your Church with Engaging DisabilityIs your church doing disability ministry? If you have even one family member in your church who is touched by disability, the answer is “YES!” Engaging Disability With The Gospel exists to come alongside churches and families touched by disability with encouragement and supports.  To help us better connect and enfold families into the 1,875+ PCA churches, we want to know which congregations are engaging in disability ministry now. Please take a moment to register your church. Even if you think we already know about your church, please help us by submitting this form. Anyone can send in the form: officers, staff, church members, volunteers, etc. Receiving multiple forms from a church gives us a clearer picture of all that a church is offering.

ESL Training Available at Your Request

Every city and town in the United States is experiencing an influx of people from all around the world.How can we welcome and serve those that God has brought into our community? Through ESL (English as a Second Language) ministries. MNA offers a 12 hour training to get you started. You can either request a training at your church or check to see if there is one scheduled near you. Click here to learn more about MNA ESL Training.