MNA Hispanic American Ministries Update

MNA Hispanic American Ministries Coordinator Hernando Saenz had the opportunity to participate in the World Street Experience prayer boot camp. “Awe gripped me throughout my four days in Vancouver at the World Street Experience boot camp. I felt like Moses meeting God at the burning bush. He was never the same after that.

“This summer, the Lord impressed on me the urgent need to set prayer at the center of the ministry. The World Street Experience was intense, practical and gospel-centered.”

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MNA Sheds of Hope Gets a New Hub

Sheds of Hope says goodbye to Dallas and sets up shop in Nashville. “Although this requires us to leave behind our beloved church, Sunday school class, and friends, it brings us closer to family when not on the road with Sheds of HOPE, and is central to primary disaster-prone areas.”

Click here to catch up on their latest news and find out how you can pray for them.

Metanoia Prison Ministries Update

The Casson family“When I was incarcerated, I loved the holiday season. It was a time to publicly give thanks. It was a time to celebrate Jesus’ birth. It was a time of reflection and contemplation and a time of joy.

While it is hard being away from one’s family, the Holiday Season is still a wonderful time for the prisoner, for the same reasons it is wonderful for us out here: It’s all about God!”

Read the latest news from MNA Metanoia Prison Ministries in their November Metanoia Minute.

Creating a Break Room

A break room is a quiet space where families with many types of disability can take a rest when the sensory demands of worship become overwhelming. They allow families a time of respite that allows them to then return to worship. MNA Engaging Disability With The Gospel has some helpful suggestions and guidelines for implementing a successful break room at your church. Click here to read more.

Disability Focused Book Club

Connections and Conversations: A Gospel-Centered, Disability-focused Book Club for Families
Families living with disability often find it challenging to connect with others who really understand the impact of disability on everyday life. Join our new monthly book club, Connections and Conversations, for real encouragement alongside others who love and care for someone who has a disability. Click here for details.


Embracing Movement and Sound in Worship

To many in your congregation, extra sounds are noise and movement may be distracting. To those with disabilities, the extra noise and movements are means of communication and ways of coping with the environment. But consider this: the extra noise and movements can actually be part of the unique ways they worship. Read more in the latest MNA Engaging Disability newsletter by clicking here.

ESL Training Available at Your Request

Every city and town in the United States is experiencing an influx of people from all around the world.How can we welcome and serve those that God has brought into our community? Through ESL (English as a Second Language) ministries. MNA offers a 12 hour training to get you started. You can either request a training at your church or check to see if there is one scheduled near you. Click here to learn more about MNA ESL Training.