PRCC Response to the Revised AF Interim Guidelines

PRCC Response to the Revised AF Interim Guidelines

February 23, 2006

Mr. Michael W. Wayne
Secretary of the Air Force

General T. Michael Moseley
USAF Chief of Staff

Dear Sirs:

We are grateful for your 09 February 2006 distribution of the Revised Interim Guidelines concerning Free Exercise of Religion in the Air Force. Thank you for your thoughtful regard for those who are indeed concerned about this important matter.

In light of your written assurance that you will continue to consider comments on the Revised Interim Guidelines, we are constrained to respond to your invitation for feedback.

Overall, the Revised Interim Guidelines is a very significant improvement over the original proposal, not only in length, but in content and clarity of expression. For that we are indeed thankful. At the same time there are several sentences which members of the Presbyterian and Reformed Commission on Chaplains and Military Personnel (PRCC) believe are still insufficiently specific, thereby failing in some measure, effectively to guard all significant aspects of our treasured national heritage of religious freedom for members of the USAF.

Consequently, the following suggestions for re-wording several Revised Interim Guidelines sentences are respectfully submitted for your consideration.

Cordially for the Joint Commission,

Jim Pakala, President, PRCC

David P. Peterson, Executive Director, PRCC

cc: AFCB