Military Missions Network: Connect with Other Churches Doing Military Ministries

Military Missions Network

One of the very great needs and opportunities for ministry, facing our communities today, centers around the need to minister to military service members and their families.  To help meet this need, the Military Missions Network (MMN) is actively involved in providing assistance to congregations, para-church ministries and chaplains.  MMN is a network of evangelical Churches, Chaplains, and Para-church Ministries fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by reaching, equipping and ministering to military members and families worldwide. Evangelical churches, chaplains and ministries registered with the Military Missions Network share a common commitment to the Great Commission and a mutual love for those in the military. Relationships and partnerships between particular churches, chaplains and ministries linked through this network are based on voluntary associations, common convictions, mutual benefits and shared goals. All such relationships and partnerships are initiated by individual parties.  As a facilitating ministry, the mission is to:

  1. Ignite a shared vision for the cause of global military missions.
  2. Equip kingdom leaders for the advancement of global military missions.
  3. Link Christians who have a passion to reach, equip and minister to military members and families worldwide.
  4. Provide a web resource to facilitate connections among Christians within the domain of the military culture.

A Flagship Church Conference to share best practices and explore cooperative military ministry is being planned in Hampton Roads, Virginia, March 10-12.  A series of conferences on starting a military ministry in local churches will be held around the country in 2008.  Dates will be listed on the MMN website: .  If you and/or your congregation are interested in learning more about this ministry, contact Bob Drews, member of the PCA and the MMN Board:  E-mail:, or phone 757-201-0276.