Volunteer Opportunities

From time to time, opportunities arise for volunteer assistance with various Chaplain Ministries projects. We will post those opportunities here when they surface, and post them on MNA online when a new one is posted. Thank you for your heart for Chaplain Ministries.

VOLUNTEER THROUGH MNA SECONDCAREER. Are you looking for a place to put your Kingdom experience to work serving the church?  Are you relocating and eager to find ministry opportunities in your new location? MNA SecondCareer matches people willing to serve with opportunities across North America in the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America). Many of these opportunities can even be done from home. Though most of our openings are volunteer positions, some come with a small stipend. Take a look at the current opportunities on our website and let the Lord direct you to His purposes for your life. Click here to learn more about MNA SecondCareer.

GRANT “SLEUTH” / WRITER NEEDED: Chaplain Ministries is in need of someone to help us seek and apply for grants from foundations wanting to support our ministry to our returning military service personnel and their families. If you are experienced in this area (or know someone who is) and would be willing to donate some time to help, please email us at ChaplainMinistries@pcanet.org.

VOLUNTEER EDITORS NEEDED: Each quarter, we receive 90-110 ministry reports from our chaplains, along with prayer requests. These incoming reports need to be edited and reformatted into the Guardian Prayer Newsletter. Once the PRCC Staff compiles the first draft of the Guardian, they need a couple of sets of eyes to read through the draft, line by line, and catch any typos or mistakes.

This job requires someone with exceptional WORD PROCESSING skills, a familiarity with the MICROSOFT WORD software, and a schedule that allows the editing process to turn around quickly (this project works against a challenging deadline).. Ideally, we would have 2 or 3 teams of 2 persons, so folks would not have to serve every quarter. We only have one team currently. If you are detailed editor type, and would be interesting in serving, please email us at ChaplainMinistries@pcanet.org

VOLUNTEER FOLLOW-UP ON EVENT FEEDBACK FORMS: When Chaplain Ministries has an event or display table at an event, they ask persons to complete a card if they need more information about chaplain ministries. It would be great to have a volunteer who would take those feedback forms, and either call or email the participant, thank them for attending the event, and help them get the information they requested. This will initially take some training, but with time if you are person who likes to help people, who have a heart for Chaplain Ministries, email us at ChaplainMinistries@pcanet.org.

VOLUNTEER DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT: Chaplain Ministries, like all other MNA Ministries, needs funds in order to operate and grow the ministry. It would be a blessing to have a volunteer who would be willing to contact church Missions Chairpersons, and ask how we could be included in their annual Missions Conferences. If a church wants to invite a chaplain to participate, the volunteer would notify the Chaplain Ministries staff, who would arrange for a chaplain to attend that churches event. If this is a ministry you would enjoy providing, please email us at: ChaplainMinistries@pcanet.org