Myah Mason Testimony

By Myah Mason, wife of CH (CPT) Garland Mason, USA, originally published in the V7PC Bulletin

Myah Mason showed up at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort, ready to instruct a yoga class. She would be working that day with family members of military personal who had committed suicide – a heavy task.

It wasn’t until she arrived at her class she found out each student had either witnessed the suicide or discovered the loved one’s body. That’s when she knew the Lord had crafted an amazing story of redemption and healing in her life worth sharing.

Myah, born and raised in Mobile AL., attends Village Seven PCA in Colorado Springs CO. She and her husband Garland, a PCA Chaplain currently deployed to Camp As Sayliyah, near Qatar, with the 1-10 CAV, moved to Colorado Springs in January 2013. Seven years before that, God powerfully intervened in her life.

Myah was homeschooling her two children: Benjamin, now 18, and Leah, now 15. She started to notice herself forming frustrating daily habits.

“By mid-morning, I was losing my temper with my children and I knew it wasn’t right,” she said. “I knew if I was going to be teaching them at home, I had to lead by example.”

She started to wake up earlier in the mornings and go on walks before the kids were up for school. She added crunches and quick workouts – anything to get herself going for the day. From there it grew. Myah started making time to sip coffee and read her Bible after her workouts – processing, praying and savoring time in the presence of God. She felt the difference.

“I was happier, calmer, I just felt better,” she said. “Not just physically, but mostly emotionally.”

When her husband Garland left for a 15-month deployment, Myah added the afternoons to her daily activity regimen, and this time she got her kids involved. The three spent afternoons outdoors, exercising and enjoying time together.

Though it was not her intention to lose weight, that’s exactly what happened. Myah had gained more than 80 pounds over time – a result of fast food meals and a busy on-the-go-mom lifestyle. But she noticed that she started making wiser choices – reaching for nuts and fruits instead of junk food when snack cravings hit.

“It took three years to lose 83 pounds, it was very slow and controlled,” she said.

Once the weight was off, Myah started looking for ways to strengthen and tone her healthier body. Soon, yoga and Pilates became her stress relievers and led to an overall healthy lifestyle. But Myah knows her source of strength in regaining her health was always her relationship with Christ.

“I was having conversations with God through all of this, saying, ‘Lord, help me through this, show me how to do this in a way that honors you.’ I didn’t want to go the direction the world does and be shallow or self-centered,” Myah said. “I wanted it to be in a God-honoring way that appreciates him being the Creator – I just wanted to honor and glorify God. That has been my motivation.”

Now a certified fitness instructor, Myah teaches TRX suspension training, yoga and core building classes five days a week at Fort Carson. She works with many military personnel, including wives of soldiers who are either deployed or have been killed in action.

Myah has chosen to walk through many doors in her lifestyle evangelism ministry on base. She always ends her classes with scripture or a quote from a theologian, prays for her students, and even sees opportunity to reach people while grocery shopping in the commissary.

“I joke that they’re looking in my buggy to see what I’m eating as a fitness instructor and what I’m drinking as the chaplain’s wife. I’ve got it coming at me from both sides,” she said. “I know people are watching me, it keeps me accountable.”

Though her journey is far from over, Myah is grateful for the how the Lord turned a weakness into a strength and is using it to spread the Gospel on Fort Carson, and in Colorado Springs.

“The mundane led to what I’m doing now,” she said. “I never saw God leading me that way, I was just trying to be a better wife and mother, and that led to me working so deeply in people’s lives.”