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Chaplains Are a Blessing

Testimony: A New Chaplain Is “Living the Dream”

Click here to read this post by Chaplain Michael Milton.

A New Chaplain’s Experience

41 Day Chaplain

Recent Audio Chaplain Reports from the Field

Four PRCC Chaplains gave brief ministry reports to PCA GA Commissioners recently at the PCA GA. We encourage you to listen to this audio presentation to get a taste of what is currently going on within the PRCC Chaplaincy.

Pastor Uses Volunteer Chaplaincy to Reach Out and Serve His Community

Rev. Michael Langer, of One Ancient Hope Presbyterian Church in Iowa City, IA. provides a service/ministry to his community at large, and also extends the Gospel at the same time as a volunteer fire department chaplain. Through his chaplaincy ministry, he meets and serves people who would likely never visit his church. The PRCC has many men who are doing this with fire departments, law enforcement agencies and retirement centers. One Chaplain sets up tables outside county courthouses to offer prayer and support to people going in and out of the courthouses.. Many of these Chaplain/Pastors report that this ministry has brought new members into their churches. Read this recent newspaper article about Pastor Langer’s ministry. We encourage you to “go and do likewise”. For more information on this ministry opportunity, please email

More Testimonies

Reflections of a Clinical Chaplain
PCA Chaplain Luke Heibel published an article about his work and ministry in a large Civilian Hospital System. When folks think of Chaplains, most people might think about our military chaplains, but the PRCC has around 80 men who serve as Civilian Chaplains. We recommend you read this wonderful article to learn more about this aspect of PRCC Chaplain Ministries.

Businesses Need Chaplains
” A recent corporate business council (CBC) study shows that customer satisfaction is often driven by employee loyalty to the company. Many organizations like banks, automotive dealers, and moving companies have found that having a Chaplain Care Team is a unique and innovative strategy that helps them achieve this elusive goal.” Read more.

In prison hospice, at a loss for the right words
“As his ‘little brother’ Freddy Garcia weakens in his battle against cancer, hospice worker John Paul Madrona struggles to craft an apology to the family of the chemist he’d killed in 1993. ‘Sometimes, honestly, it feels hopeless.’  Click here to read the whole story and watch the accompanying video.

Deployed Chaplain Provides Web Updates
Deployed PRCC Army Chaplain Chuck Williams provides updated ministry reports from Qatar on his blog site:

Four Chaplains Give Brief Ministry Reports at the PCA General Assembly
You are encouraged to listen to the audio of their presentations to learn how God is working through this vital, timely, missional ministry. Click here to download or listen.

PRCC Chaplain launches a ministry of prayer for terrorists.

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Christmas 2008 Message from a Deployed Chaplain

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Video report from Iraq from PCA CH (CPT) Tim Fary :


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