Church Planter Training Tracks

Ted Powers teaching at Church Planter TrainingFirst Track

Church Planter Basic Training Part 1: From Preparation to Launch
For planters, their wives and other key leaders who are within a window 12 months out or 12 months in to the launch of their new church, including preparation, gathering, and launching. It will address questions you need answers to in the areas of

  • Strategic activities and responsibilities of the church planter before the launch
  • Budgeting and fundraising
  • Making community connections and working with a core group
  • Vision, philosophy of ministry, and planning for the launch
  • The right time for starting public worship

Church Planter Training SeminarSecond Track

Church Planter Basic Training Part 2: From Launch to Reproduction
For planters, their wives and other key leaders who have launched the new work and are now in the “building and preparing to reproduce” stage. This track will focus on systems, leadership development, group formations, and structures necessary for the next phases of growth in a healthy church plant.

Third Track

Church Planting Leadership
For MNA Chairmen, Presbytery leadership, Network directors, or pastors and leaders of church planting churches for resourcing in their leadership roles. This track will focus on :

  • Leadership Forum/Open Topics with MNA Coordinator Paul Hahn
  • Best practices for leaders of a church planting movement, including modules on reflecting greater diversity and growing intercultural competency in church planting
  • Funding and Fundraising Issues
  • Developing a church planting ecosystem: A Case Study
  • Hitting the Wall: Thresholds in Ministry that Derail … or Invigorate
  • The Oversight and Care of Church Planters: Key Players, Best Practices, and Resources
  • Praying Life for Pastors with Paul Miller and Bob Allums of seeJesus

Consultations on Fundraising Strategies and Issues with Fred Marsh, MNA Associate Coordinator, by appointment.

Just exploring the idea of church planting? This is the place for you, too. Rub shoulders with current and former church planters and learn the dynamics and priorities involved in starting a new church as well as the character and competencies necessary in a church planter.

Embedded in All Tracks

Up to 10 hours of training for church planter spouses/couples by Parakaleo.

We’re sorry but we cannot accommodate children at this event.