Confirmed Speakers and Workshops


Tony was born in St. Louis and lived for several years just a few blocks from where New City Fellowship—St. Louis’s office is located.  He graduated from Covenant Seminary in 2006 and he and his family moved to Knoxville Tennessee where Tony served as church-planting pastor for 2 years.  Having lived in the city of St. Louis and for a brief time in Knoxville, Tony and Tanya are both aware of the need for churches that will faithfully enter into God’s call to pursue reconciliation across racial, social, tribal and all other dividing lines.

Other Plenaries:

“The Praying Church,”with Bob Allums of SeeJesus and Lyle Caswell

“Understanding African American History, Culture, and the Church,” with Tony Myles

“The Gospel for Church Planting Wives…and Their Husbands, Too,” with Tami Resch of Parakaleo

Modules on

  • Evangelism Today with Al Dayhoff
  • Viewing Others Through Your Own Cultural Lens – Robert Kim
  • Preaching the Gospel in a Post Everything World – Larry Kirk
  • Networking and Gathering
  • Preparing for Your First Worship Service
  • Cultivating Kingdom Prayer – Larry Kirk
  • Leaders’ Forum with Paul Hahn
  • Developing Leaders and Leadership Skills – Raising the Next Generation – Chris Vogel
  • Growing in Your Intercultural Competence – Omar Ortiz
  • Preparation: Before You Move to the Field – Steve Resch
  • Organizational Leadership: What I’ve learned About Leading a Church Since Seminary – Matt Ryman
  • Praying Life for Pastors – Lyle Caswell and Bob Allums
  • Succession Plans – Preparing Your Church for Your Successor – Matt Ryman
  • Developing Your Philosophy of Ministry – Tim RIce
  • “Best Practices” for Church Planting Leaders – Roundtable Discussion

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