LDR Weekend 2016

September 2-4
St. Louis MO

Being and Becoming the Household of God

Michelle Higgins, Conference Director for LDR Weekend 2016

LDR Weekend is the annual gathering focused on providing Leadership Development and Resources for ministries and individuals who engage the core concerns of black communities. LDR Weekend will be held in St. Louis, Missouri again this year. Now affectionately nicknamed the “Labor Day Reunion”, the weekend includes education, mentoring sessions, dynamic worship, prayer and fellowship. Grace & Peace Fellowship and Covenant Theological Seminary will host. Wy Plummer of MNA’s African American Ministries is the conference’s primary sponsor.

LDR Weekend 2016This is a unique opportunity to engage leading black voices from the Reformed tradition. Speakers and seminar leaders all work or received training in Reformed contexts. This year’s keynote speaker is church planter Rev. Russ Whitfield of Grace Mosaic in Washington, DC. Russ has served in youth ministry, music ministry, inner-city ministry, center-city ministry, revivals and global missions. He has counted it a privilege and mercy of God that he has had the opportunity to serve among the poor and the rich, the young and the old, mature Christians and those who remain skeptical about the Christian faith. These diversities have not only fostered a deeper appreciate of the gospel, but also a deeper appreciation of what it means to minister the gospel in pastoral love. Rev. Whitfield will be preaching on the theme “Being and Becoming The Household of God” taken from Ephesians 2.

Conference Organizer Jemar Tisby describes this year’s theme like so:

The Lord declares to believers in Genesis 17 that he will establish “an everlasting covenant, to be God to you and to your offspring after you.” By God’s grace, he binds himself to those who follow him in faith and creates a new people—a covenant community. In the New Testament, God calls this community the “household of God.”  All who share faith in Christ and his salvation are brothers and sisters in God’s family. This is a reality at the moment of belief. Human beings cannot and need not create the household, it has already been accomplished.

But even though Christians are already brothers and sisters in Christ, they are, in a sense, continually becoming the household of God. Believers have not achieved full unity in the covenant community. They are still alienated from one another by race, class, gender, and other distinctions. They are often known more for their lack of solidarity than by their love. The household of God is torn by unbiblical strife and division.

The theme of LDR ’16, Being and Becoming the Household of God, speaks to the reality that all believers are covenantally bound to one another through faith in Jesus Christ. It is this shared faith and unity through the Holy Spirit that enables the Lord’s people to confront the brutal and painful truths of disunity while always striving for the peace that transcends understanding.

LDR Weekend seminars will address divisions and challenges to unity in the household of God.

Topics include generational reconciliation, mental health, women in leadership, planting and sustaining multi-ethnic churches, and more. All conference content is designed and presented by Black women and men in Reformed ministries. LDR Weekend is a safe place and mobilizing space for participants from all ethnic and denominational backgrounds who desire to see the church in the United States more faithfully reflect the family of God across the globe.

Join your sisters and brothers in God’s household as we explore the wonder of God’s restoring work, and its implications for life now and in eternity.

Registration is now open at ldrweekend.com and organizers are thrilled to announce that housing, childcare and meals are included in the already low conference costs.

To support LDR Weekend or find out more about the Leadership Development Resource, email us!  ldrweekend@gmail.com