Revival 2K12 Conference

Revival 2K12 Conference

The Race Set Before Us: Pursuing Unity for
the Sake of the Gospel

June 1-3, 2012

Faith Christian Fellowship
505 East 42nd Street
Baltimore, MD 21218-1202

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Revival 2K12: The Race Set Before Us from Lance Lewis onVimeo.

“Sunday morning is the most segregated hour of the week”. It’s been said so often and by so many people that one wonders if it’s reached that mythic status reserved for such sayings as “death and taxes.”

And though we lament the reality behind those words, it seems that little is being done to prevent the next generation from repeating them. We know that the Scriptures teach and our Lord prayed for the unity of His people as a visible witness to the power of the Gospel. So then why does it still seem so difficult for us to demonstrate that unity across ethnic lines?

That’s the main topic at this year’s Revival 2K12. We’re gathering in Baltimore MD on Friday June 1st, Saturday June 2nd and Sunday morning June 3rd to hear, discuss, and pray about what God is doing to empower His church to put the saying “Sunday morning is the most segregated hour of the week” to rest once and for all.

In addition to this main topic R2K12 will feature workshops on issues such as grief (Dr. Diane Langberg) urban discipleship (Dr. Carl F. Ellis), sexual abuse, the connection between Gospel driven hip-hop, and the church and the prosperity message. Along with that we’ll enjoy a concert featuring hip-hop artists Timothy Brindle and Believin Stephen, along with ChristCentric. More information and online registration is at

Joyfully in Christ,
Lance Lewis
Pastor Christ Liberation Fellowship
Philadelphia PA
(267) 350-6456