A Virtual Walk? To Take Great Care… Of Your Pastor’s Wife

What’s a Virtual Walk? An online stroll? A couch potato’s excuse to shirk exercise?
The Parakaleo Virtual Walk on Nov 17 is an event to raise awareness and allow people to show support for women in church planting. Parakaleo has many fans around the world–including in China, Latin America, and Australia–so if you join us on Nov. 17, you’ll be participating in a global walk!
The Virtual Walk is part of our Here for Her campaign to train and support church planting wives. At the 47th General Assembly in 2018, the PCA encouraged churches and sending agencies to “take great care to provide to the wives of pastors, church planters and missionaries an intentional ministry of support, encouragement respite continuing education, provision of generous financial support for same, and such other services as are needful for their growth in grace and their fulfillment of God’s unique calling to them as spouses and co-laborers in the ministry of the Gospel; and further, give particular consideration to funding and implementing the service of Parakaleo… .”
Women report that attending Parakaleo training events or network groups is life changing. Check out Parakaleo’s Facebook page, blog, and website, and come join us on Nov. 17!