Helping Pastoral Couples Love Christ’s Bride

Jesus loves his bride, the church, so much that he died for it. Pastors’ wives love the church, and have a front-row seat to its glories: changed lives, spiritual growth, reconciled relationships, sacrificially-serving saints, and strengthened marriages and families.  But they also have a close-up view of its flaws—including infighting, criticism, and weak commitments. The challenges of ministry can trigger “fight or flight” reflexes in those who serve. Which is fine if we fly to Jesus, or “fight the good fight of faith.” But where can a pastor’s wife turn when her church is often the source of her hurt?

While sharing painful ministry wounds in a Parakaleo online cohort, one woman said, “In ministry, we put God to the test every day to see if he’s faithful. Connecting to other women in ministry is the only place I find relief. It keeps me in the battle.”

Parakaleo reaches and serves women who volunteer their hearts and lives in their churches and communities. We create relational space for women in ministry to engage a robust gospel that frees them to live their truest identity in Christ. We normalize the confusing and often painful experiences of ministry, inviting women to entrust their lives to Christ.  In our training retreats, online and local cohort groups, and one-on-one coaching, we coach, care, connect, and celebrate what God is doing in church planting couples and their churches.

Shannon Beier, who serves a church in south side Chicago with her husband Brad, is part of Urbanistas, Parakaleo’s online cohort for women planting in urban or multiethnic communities. The Beiers are holding out the gospel in an difficult, economically depressed area. Watch her brief remarks in the video above, and pray for their church.