Parakaleo Rolls Out Advocate Plan

Wouldn’t you like an advocate? Especially when facing a daunting challenge, or something risky? Something with a high degree of spiritual warfare?

Parakaleo is launching an advocate program to make sure every church planting spouse has access to Parakaleo training, coaching, resources, and a network group (where available)—regardless of her budget.

“We know how valuable Parakaleo training and support are for church planting spouses during this intense ministry season,” Parakaleo founder Shari Thomas says. “But many spouses don’t have funds to attend our training or be coached on how to do ministry. Our Advocate program reaches out to people in the church plant or the sending church to provide that financial support for the church planting spouse.”

The Advocate program accomplishes three goals at once, Thomas says. “It educates church members and leaders on the important role the spouse is already playing, and the stresses she and her family face. It provides the funds to train that spouse to better serve her church. And it also lets the spouse know that she is supported by her church.”

To develop advocates, the Parakaleo network leader meets with individuals, families, or groups (such as a women’s Sunday Bible study) suggested by the spouse who attend the church plant or the sending church. The Parakaleo leader explains the need and statistics related to church planting, and asks for a gift to support and train spouse. Checks are sent to the church plant and earmarked for her coaching and training. Advocates and donors are invited to a local Parakaleo event to thank them for their participation. Donor names remain confidential and are not shared with the church planting couple.

“Advocates help sustain their pastoral couple and are in fact stabilizing the foundation for the whole church,” Thomas points out. “A gift of $3,500-$5,000 will provide one-on-one coaching, attendance at a training retreat, and membership in a local network group.”

Advocates help MNA church planters and their wives to advance the Gospel in communities all over North America. For more information about Parakaleo or the Advocate program, visit or contact