Parakaleo Practical Help

Parakaleo…. Practical Help for Women

What is Parakaleo and what does it do? Parakaleo creates relational space for women to engage a robust Gospel that frees them to embrace and to live their truest identity. We normalize the confusing and often painful experiences of ministry, inviting women to entrust their lives to the Guardian of their souls and to each other. We analyze scripture as well as our stories, giving women permission to unearth idolatries and chosen bondages. As trust is built and hearts shift, women begin to move from a life of fear to one of freedom, transforming how they live in community as kingdom-building partners.

Parakaleo staff and leaders come alongside women through local network groups, one-on-one coaching, and training of church planting spouses and women in other ministry contexts. Director Shari Thomas recently led a group of church planting wives through our Basic training in Spanish! Qué bueno!

Associate Director Tami Resch recently received this email from a woman who attended her workshop, “Living in the Now and Not Yet of God’s Story” at the PCA’s Women’s Leadership Training (WLT) in Atlanta.

I was (and still am) so very blessed by your presentation… Each time I try to give others just a small tidbit of all I heard in this presentation, … I am in tears of gratitude to God for His grace, for allowing me to choose your workshop as one to attend in Atlanta, and for people like you who share your God-given presentation skills with folks like me. You both did an outstanding job.

Also at WLT, Parakaleo’s Maria Garriott led a workshop on Multicultural Women’s Ministry to answer the questions, “Where is the church in multicultural ministry? What does the Bible say about it? How can our church have a multicultural women’s ministry?”

In addition to hosting Basic, Leadership, and Coaching training, Parakaleo provides workshops to bring the gospel to the hearts of women. Our next Basic Training is in Nashville, April 19-23 and our next workshop will be for chaplains’ wives on June 7-8. Check our website for details ( We will also be celebrating our 10th anniversary at General Assembly in Chattanooga this year! Don’t forget to stop by our booth.