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Secrets of a Parakaleo Training Retreat

So why should a church planting spouse attend a Parakaleo retreat? Chances are she’s already up to her eyeballs in busyness: leading various ministries in the church (officially or unofficially), practicing hospitality, raising kids, serving as her husband’s sounding board and go-to gal, and possibly working full or part-time outside the home.

At Parakaleo training retreats, church planting spouses can connect with one another, receive practical training to address the challenges of ministry, and learn more about how to trust Christ in the midst of a job that is never done. For many women, the opportunity to rest, share their stories and hear the stories of others is unique. Here are some of the questions that women have raised:

How do I encourage my husband when he is discouraged in ministry?

How do I stay in ministry when I’m discouraged and depressed?

How to I navigate a relationship with a woman who is critical of my husband and me?

How do I forgive someone who left the church in a “scorched earth” way?

How do I prepare my heart when I have trouble actually worshiping at our services?

Can I have friends in the church? Women in the church seem to keep their distance from me.

My husband works around the clock. Even when he’s home, he’s not really there. What can I do?

Perhaps women who have attended our retreats say it best:

“I’ve received more useable training from a Parakaleo week intensive then I have in most of my 30 years of ministry.”

“This is the first time in my life I’ve received training in these areas. I’ve never even been in a seminar where these topics can be addressed or even discussed.”

Parakaleo’s retreat was one of the highlights of my life. I’ve participated in many trai)ning sessions and this was by far the best. It takes participants down a path that is sorely needed.”

Please pray for our Basic Training (April 29 – May 3, 2013, Fenwick Island DE); Alongside Coaching retreat (July) and Leadership retreat (Sept.) For more information, visit our website.