Parakaleo Tenth Year

Happy 10th Birthday, Parakaleo!


We’re not getting a new bike, a horse book, or a princess dress for our 10thbirthday. But there will be cake, drinks, and party favors at Parakaleo’s 10th birthday party at General Assembly in Chattanooga.

It’s hard to believe ten years have passed since Shari Thomas researched the sources of stresses and satisfactions for church planting spouses. That research fueled MNA’s commitment to strengthen church planting families, and Parakaleo was born.

From that research, Shari and associate director Tami Resch created a system of training, coaching, networks, materials, and leadership development. For ten years, Parakaleo has been helping women embrace a robust gospel that frees them to live out their truest identity as kingdom-building partners. Parakaleo normalizes the confusing and often painful experiences of ministry, such as long hours, lack of boundaries for the pastor and his family, relational stress, and ambiguous roles and unspoken expectations for the spouse. By helping women apply the gospel to the stresses they face in their ministry context, Parakaleo leads women to a deeper faith in Christ. They see their own stories in light of God’s bigger story of redemption, and this transforming grace flows outward to their families, churches, and communities.

Stop by our booth at GA to celebrate with us. And we might even have a party favor for you!