Parkaleo Support for Church Planting

Fulfilling and Expanding Parakaleo’s Support for Church Planting

Parkaleo EventParakaleo recently held a week-long intensive training retreat in Delaware attended by eighteen church planting spouses from as far away as Puerto Rico and western Canada. Topics included the gospel journey, identity/roles and calling, idolatry, soul care, loss, and transition. Women reported that the retreat was life-changing.

“Finally, there has been validation for my questions/feelings—not just hugs and ‘I will pray for you,’ but actually giving me tools to keep my head above water and not make my husband crazy.”

“It’s a perfect mix of training, rest, fun, connecting, discipleship, and care for any pastor/church planter’s wife!”

“This retreat is SO transferable …can benefit ANY WOMAN in ministry (pastor’s wife, small group leader, woman’s ministry leader, church planting spouse).”

Parakaleo retreatTo meet the many requests we receive for training and materials, Parakaleo is launching Vision 2018, a major fundraising campaign. We’ve developed a brochure to explain our mission and goals, and have posted it here: Parakaleo Vision 2018.

To get the word out about Parkaleo, director Shari Thomas and executive director Tami Resch were interviewed by Steve Brown of Key Life. Rev. Brown’s radio show is carried on many stations (, and he also hosts a website for pastors, called “Pooped Pastors.” He writes, “At any given time, 75% of pastors in America want to quit. 1,500 pastors leave their assignments each month due to moral failure, spiritual burnout or contention within their local congregations.” He is very supportive of Parakaleo’s mission. The interview will be carried live on June 28, and will be available on the website after that.