Project PMS

Parakaleo Launches Project PMS

What does Parakaleo have to do with PMS? Hang on.

Since its launch in 2006, Parakaleo has trained and supported hundreds of church planting wives through retreats, network groups, one-on-one coaching and publications. One church planting leader who recently witnessed Parakaleo’s strategic impact at a Basic Training Intensive, said, “You have a product that is saving lives. This is a key missing piece in church planting.”

As the PCA continues to encourage a robust church planting movement, the need for Parakaleo’s ministry is expanding. Because it is so vital for the success of church planting, we want to offer our ministry affordably, yet still cover our costs. And that’s where PMS comes in.

Project PMS– Plan for Ministry Sustainability—will help Parakaleo develop a funding plan and design pathways for financial supporters to come alongside us.  We will also quantify and communicate the number, location, and lives of people being transformed to determine how to best allocate resources. As we prayerfully plan to meet the needs before us, we trust that God will help potential supporters see that Parakaleo is a key ingredient to successful church planting.