What Good Is Parakaleo?

Do wives of those in ministry really need training for their roles? And does this matter? So what good is Parakaleo training anyway?

At Parakaleo, we know how important the wife’s role is to the health of the church plant and the marriage. And how Parakaleo training and support equip women for this role, so they can then invest in their churches and families.

In case we ever forget how necessary this ministry is, we often hear from women who’ve attended our training. One 28-year-old church planting spouse called her recent Parakaleo training “life-giving, challenging and affirming.”

“Up until this point I had not come across a lot of teaching/training that was specifically tailored for the wives of those who are in vocational ministry. Not only was the content theologically robust and intellectually engaging, but at many opportunities God worked in and through the sessions to do much-needed work on my heart. For the first time in a long time, I no longer felt alone, unheard, unimportant or unsupported in my calling. And nearly a year later, some of us in the group continue to support and cheer one another on.”

“Parakaleo is potentially game-changing and paradigm-shifting as far as the health of churches and church plants are concerned, but more importantly the health of marriages and families.”

Our training events and network groups provide practical, memorable, Biblical tools that drive the gospel more deeply into the hearts of women. Our networks (both local and virtual) provide a relational context for ongoing equipping that sustains women in ministry.

Spaces are still available in many of Parakaleo’s online and local cohorts http://www.parakaleo.us/network-cohorts/. And don’t forget to encourage church planting wives, RUF wives, or chaplain wives to apply for a Love Gift Scholarship to attend a training event! www.parakaleo.us/training/.