Resources: Criteria

These criteria are used to decide which Evangelism & Church Renewal Resources will be recommended and posted on the MNA Evangelism & Church Renewal web site.

  1. Resource will clearly be rooted in the Presbyterian and reformed family or part of faithful historic orthodoxy.
  2. Resource will have a clear purpose in keeping with MNA’s Vision Statement.
  3. Resource will provide services that speak directly to PCA churches’ need for assistance in revitalization and evangelism.
  4. Resource ordinarily will have had experience working with PCA sessions and/or presbyteries.
  5. Resource will have a proven track record of effective ministry.
  6. Resource will ordinarily have had experience working cross-culturally and with minority congregations.
  7. Resource will have clearly stated costs and reasonable financial expectations and obligations.
  8. Resource will have clearly published adequate accountability structures.

Mission to North America (MNA), a Permanent Committee of the Presbyterian Church in America, has as a part of its vision “that God, by His grace and for His own glory, through the cooperative prayers and efforts of the churches and presbyteries of the PCA, will ignite a powerful church planting and vitalization movement that has an impact on all of North America with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

One of the five key goals of the MNA Vision Statement is “that there will be a greater vitality of our existing churches, that we’ll see many of our churches that have plateaued or are declining be revitalized, and that all the churches of the PCA will be known as “houses of prayer for all nations” (Mark 11:17).”

Thus, one of our burdens is to see revitalization and revival come to the North American church, especially the PCA. We’re grateful God has raised up a number of wonderful ministries and agencies, including your own, that make unique contributions toward this objective. As we seek to resource PCA congregations, we have established a list of MNA-Recommended Evangelism & Church Renewal Resource Organizations as well as print and online resources. As congregations and pastors contact MNA, we recommend they consider resources on this list.