Hispanic Heritage Special Gift to Benefit the Barnabas Initiative

As I was walking out of one of the General Assembly worship services a Teaching Elder approached me. He asked if I was Hernando Saenz. Exited to find out he had the right person; he asked if I was still the Hispanic American Ministries Coordinator for MNA. After I confirmed that I was still serving our denomination in that capacity, he enthusiastically plunged into his request. “I need you to give me the names of one or two qualified Hispanic pastors who can help me reach Hispanics in my city with the gospel” Sadly, I had to tell him that I do not have any names to give him.

This is a common occurrence and breaks my heart every time since there are many PCA churches who are interested in reaching Hispanics. The problem: we don’t have qualified leaders for this growing mission field.  Conversations like that also fuel my passion to continue working to develop new Hispanic leaders. The Barnabas Initiative for Hispanic Leadership development is our long term strategy to develop new leaders. Click here for more info about this crucial strategy:

Hispanic Heritage month is celebrated in the United Sates from September 15 to October 15. It is our custom to ask churches in the PCA to collect a special gift during that very special month for Hispanic peoples in the United States. The Hispanic Heritage Special Gift is a tangible demonstration of the mutual love and unity that exists among churches in the PCA. The proceeds from the Special Gift are dedicated to helping with the Barnabas Initiative.

By God’s grace, in 2015, we collected $3,600 through the Hispanic Heritage Special Gift. Our goal for 2016 is to collect $5,000.  Would you consider making a onetime gift during the Hispanic Heritage month to help with the Barnabas Initiative?  If the Lord is leading you to give, then please make your check or money order payable to: Mission to North America, (Write Barnabas Initiative on the memo), PO Box 890233 Charlotte, NC 28289-0233  or click here and follow the prompts for the Barnabas Initiative.