Congratulations to LAMP Graduate Heath Glandon

Heath Glandon - LAMP graduateLAMP is happy to introduce and congratulate its most recent graduate Heath Glandon.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science Heath was looking for a way to fulfill his calling to become a pastor. He graduated this month from the LAMP program with a Master of Divinity.

“After years of desiring to serve God in gospel ministry, I was frustrated. I looked longingly at RTS just a couple of hours away in Orlando but there was no way I could make time to attend, let alone afford it. In a final, passionate plea to the Lord one day in prayer, I told him I would no longer consider full-time ministry because all roads were closed. He would have to pay for it and find time for me to do it. The very next day an acquaintance told me I had missed my calling, that I should have been a pastor, that he would give me $1000 to begin seminary. That week I learned of a less expensive program, LAMP Theological Seminary, that would make it possible for me to study part-time. After years of waiting, God had answered my prayer. From start to end, God provided all my funding for school.

“Due to having many responsibilities including a large family, being employed full-time, and the work of ministry, I could not have earned a degree at a traditional seminary. LAMP provided me with the ability to work around seasons of difficulty along the way. While our church was without a pastor I was left in limbo for a while. My wife endured a life threatening health condition and a long road to recovery. I was able to take a break from classes and continue on when I was able.

“In addition, the mentorship of my pastor has been an invaluable experience that will serve me well in the years of ministry ahead. One of the final projects of many of the courses is to develop materials for multi-week Bible studies. My pastor was happy to then give me the opportunity to use my final projects to teach my church what I had just learned. His practical insight, commentary, guidance, encouragement, and continual prayer along the way have made all the difference.”

Heath has been attending Christ Community Presbyterian Church in Clearwater with his wife Michelle and his four children for 22 years, where he has been a ruling elder for 10 years and teaching/leading small groups for much longer. He often leads worship and preaches quarterly. He is involved in men’s ministry, directs children’s education, and assists in providing a monthly worship service at an assisted living facility. After internship he hopes to plant a church in his hometown of Dunedin.

LAMP is grateful to have been able to provide Heath with the flexible program he needed to fulfill his dream despite the hardships he had to face. If you are interested in any of our programs please visit our website ( or send us an email at