Congratulations to New LAMP Graduate Ransom Kent

Ransom Kent with wife Julie and children Silas, Deacon, and Acadia.

In 2010, I was accepted to Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) in Orlando and my plan was to pursue my MDiv and beyond at that great seminary. Just before registering for my first semester, an unexpected life event forced my wife and me to change our plans for full-time RTS enrollment. I was so discouraged. That very week our Associate Pastor Jonathan Culley approached me about a new satellite campus for LAMP Theological Seminary that he was considering bringing to our church. I was at first apprehensive. It was going to take a longer amount of time and it was a “non-traditional” model. I just wasn’t sure what to do. In the end, God, in his infinite wisdom, made it abundantly clear that LAMP was the path he wanted me to follow. Five and half years later I wouldn’t do it any other way. Even if at some point during my education through LAMP the RTS door had opened up again, I still wouldn’t have made the change. LAMP has been a powerful tool in my leadership preparation. Not only did the slower schedule allow me to pour myself more into my growing family and my church ministry, but the rich context of learning from and among my brothers whom I am also serving and in community with was invaluable. Having the opportunity to work toward my MDiv while simultaneously serving my church full-time has been the best-case scenario for my ministry preparation that I could imagine. God is so good.

l am currently serving at Covenant Church (PCA – Palm Bay FL) as the Director of Family Ministry. I plan on pursuing ordination in the PCA and being installed and serving as the Family Ministry Pastor at our church upon completion of my ordination examinations. I love the local church and it is my calling and my passion to serve the local church with the gifts that God has given me and continues to shape in me in whatever capacity I am needed for the foreseeable future.