LAMP Proudly Presents Its Most Recent Graduate

LAMP is happy to announce the completion of the program by another one of its successful and hardworking students!

After 8 years of continuous work and dedication Marcus Jackman graduated in March with his Masters of Divinity.

He describes his experience with LAMP as follows:

Marcus Jackman, LAMP graduate“For me, LAMP was the Lord’s perfect provision and I am thankful. As a man with a young family, my mother and my mother-in-law as ‘widows’ in terms of their need for care, and beginning my seminary training later in life, I was immensely blessed to be able to pursue my MDiv without leaving my church and local community or incurring debt. LAMP’s course of study also prepared me very well for my licensure exams this last Fall, and the Lord may be opening a door for me to receive a call and be ordained soon.

What I found most useful about LAMP is how it ties sound doctrine and biblical theology so closely to the practical realities of church ministry. As a Ruling Elder and aspiring pastor, I was able to consider what I was learning in connection to lived ministries at my home church. That sharpened my attention to what I was learning, helping me to engage it more critically and think concretely about how to apply it.

What was most challenging for me about LAMP is the isolation. In certain seasons, being able to push my schedule and consume more coursework at my own pace was a wonderful thing.  More often, though, the lack of fellowship with other students, being unchallenged by a viewpoint on the material from outside myself, along with the constant temptation to procrastinate, felt like a hindrance. If you know a student working through LAMP, I know that a note or email, helping them to lift their gaze up from the lonely-seeming work, focusing instead on the end of the road and the ministry or service to which the Lord is calling them would be strengthening and encouraging.

I am immensely grateful to my two facilitators and mentors, Dr. Gary Cox and Dr. Kris Holroyd, as well as Pastor Brian Allred, all of whom assisted me through my coursework, challenged me, and encouraged me. They were the Lord’s blessing to me and I am forever thankful. “

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