Prayer Guide

For prayer requests for the other ministries of MNA please visit Intercessors.

For the ministries
Pray for leaders to emerge, especially from among the ethnic groups of the cities. Thank the Lord for the current mercy ministries in the PCA, and for the growing mercy ministries commitment on the part of suburban churches and the city churches reaching the middle income and affluent communities.

Pray for the senior staff, as they work with CE&P to define the concepts, themes and schedule for the future Mercy Conferences.

Pray for the Church, as they respond to requests to support the ministries that desire to present the Gospel, both in word and deed.

Pray that God will raise up individuals, who desire to go into their indigenous communities that are lacking both spiritually and economically. Ask God to use them and give them a passion and zeal for these communities.

Pray that God will bring the Church into the community to meet the felt needs of individuals.

Ask God to show both the Church and the people in the community how they may use their talents, and gifts to bring the Gospel to their neighbors.

For your involvement in Mercy Ministries
Ask God how he can use you in your local church’s mercy ministry. If your church does not have an mercy ministry, ask God to speak to the hearts of your leaders about this much needed ministry.

Pray that your church will seek God’s direction about being involved in the revitalization of churches across North America.

Ask God to direct your response as an obedient Christian to the troubles of the poor and the inner cities today.

Pray that God will use you and your church in the training and development of individuals who desire to go into the poor neighborhoods to bring spiritual and economic leadership.

Ask God how you can be used to reconcile people to God and bring them into a church fellowship where they can be discipled in their faith.