Alejandro DeLabastide

Alejandro DeLabastide, left; Pastor Ben Turner, right
Alejandro DeLabastide, left; Pastor Ben Turner, right

Hailing originally from Newark NJ, Alejandro’s family experienced difficult circumstances. Life became tougher as he began to lose interest in school and turned to drugs. Yet the sovereign God was holding onto him, opening the way for him to finish his GED.

His older brother, who knew the Lord, had left to join the Air Force, but on each visit home and at every opportunity he called his younger brother to give his life to Christ. Alejandro kept fighting God’s call on his life, but finally his heart responded in faith.

Alejandro loved hip-hop, so going to a hip-hop concert seemed like fun. It was then that the Lord used a hip -hop artist by the name of Lecrae to speak to his heart. After that concert Alejandro gave his heart to Jesus.

Now married, he is a Youth Ministry Intern under Pastor Ben Turner at Strong Tower Church (PCA) while studying through LAMP to prepare for the Gospel ministry. Funds supplied by the Thanksgiving Offering help Alejandro continue in LAMP as he works with Pastor Turner at Strong Tower.

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