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Multiply (MNA’s quarterly newsletter)
MNA Online (monthly e-newsletter)
Intercessor (quarterly prayer newsletter)
Every Church Plant a Church Tool Kit

How can my church answer God’s call to plant churches? Where do I begin? How do I make church planting part of the DNA of my church? How do I develop the leadership and other resources to get the job done?

MNA’s Every Church Plant a Church DVD will help you begin to address your questions. Click here for access to these resources.

Ministering Among the Changing Cultures of North America

All across North America, our neighborhoods are becoming more diverse in their ethnic makeup and include growing numbers of lower income households. How is your church reaching the new people around you? MNA is making available a DVD and booklet to help you spread the Gospel among your neighbors from around the world.

Church Planter Orientation Manual

MNA Policy and Position Papers

MNA Assessment Child Protection Policy
Guidelines for Forming New Presbyteries (41st General Assembly – 2013)
Church Organization Criteria Guidelines
Mission to North America Response to Overture 19 (30th General Assembly – 2002) (PDF)
Ministry to North American Cultural Assimilation Paper (PDF)
Worship Guide for MNA Sponsored Church Planters
MNA Church Planter Assessment Policy on Evangelism

Pastoral Letter on Racism (PDF)

Church Plant Survivability and Health Study, Center for Missional Research, North American Mission Board

Full Report (PDF)
Best Practices (PDF)
Best Practices PowerPoint slideshow
Report on Presbyterian Church in America (PDF)

Church Planter Wives

Church Planter Wives Study (PDF)
Church Planter Spouse Study Slide Show (Powerpoint)

Demographics for Church Planters

Demographic Outreach in Canada (website)
Mapping the 2010 US Census (NY Times website)
Mission Insight – type in the zipcode (American Religion Data Archive) – click on “Who Lives in Your State” – some helpful info! – Cost of Living Index/Livability Scores
Doing Demographics for Your Target Community (and doing a Site Profile)


Church Planting – First Steps

Twenty Ways to Plant Churches
Evaluating the Viability of a Church Plant
What Kind of Churches Are We Looking to Plant?
Guidelines for Forming New Presbyteries
Developing a Site Profile
Steps in Effective Recruiting
Worship Guidelines for MNA Sponsored Church Planters
Planting Daughter or Second Site Churches
Bibliography of Print Resources on Church Planting

Church Planting – Administrative Resources

2018 Call Package Guidelines

Through this document, PCA Retirement & Benefits, Inc. seeks to serve our churches by providing best practice guidance regarding the content and structure of a minister’s compensation package. It is also intended to provide instruction about other important human resource issues affecting PCA ministers.

Church Planter Salary Formation Guidelines
Church and Clergy Tax Guide
Health Insurance Search
Keys to Being an Effective MNA Chairman
Map and directory of PCA churches
MATS – affordable vehicles for ministry
Policy Checklist for Churches
Guide to Organizing as a Particular Church

Child Safety Policy

MNA Assessment Child Protection Policy
Sample policy from Redemption Fellowship, Fayetteville GA

MinistrySafe – program designed to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse in your organization.

Christian Discipleship Committee (CDM) has compiled a list of helpful resources. Click here to access their page.


Church Launch Resources

Portable Church. A resource for your new church plant launch or your change in worship locations: Portable Church simplifies and streamlines the proper amplification for buildings of all kinds, tailoring your equipment and storage solutions to your situation.


Financial Procedures (PDF)
Potential Funding Sources Worksheet (Excel)
Overall Project Budget Template (Excel)
Outside Support Templates (Excel)
ABC’s of Legal Organization, by John Kinyon (PDF)
Funding for Church Planting (PowerPoint by Bruce Finn)
Church Planter Recruiting Guide
Giving – John Bash
Perspective: Stewardship vs. Fundraising – John Bash
Six Steps of a Stewardship Campaign – John Bash
Taking Donors Seriously (free webinar)
Taking Donors Seriously webinars (paid service)

Evangelism and Outreach

Becoming a Missionally Focused Church – Jim Bland
Becoming an Evangelistic Church
Facebook for Outreach and Visitor Integration
MNA Church Planter Assessment Policy on Evangelism
Whatever Happened To The Gospel – D Nicholas

MNA Church Planter Assessment

What Is Church Planter Assessment?
Are You a Church Planter? 21 Questions You Should Ask Yourself.
Who Are We Looking For?
MNA Assessment Center: Who, What and Why
Assessment Center Schedule Information
Streamlined Assessment Criteria and Protocol

Working with Core Groups 

Core groups, defined simply as a group of people who want a new church started in their community, are often an excellent catalyst for the launching of new churches. This is a resource for the Presbytery MNA Chairmen, Network Directors, Church Planters, and other key leaders in the PCA in working with core groups across North America so that many more biblically healthy churches are planted to the glory of God.

Multi-Site Church Planting: Notes from the 2007 Conference

Why is multi-site church planting so popular? And what exactly does “multi-site” ministry mean and look like in practical terms? These notes from the 2007 conference on multi-site church planting shares different models of multi-site ministries in use around the PCA and elsewhere, their benefits, and how to determine if this might be a model you can use in your environment in order to extend the Kingdom through church planting.