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Church Planter Spouse Study

The unique and challenging nature of church planting often places undue stress upon church planter wives and families. In 2003 Mission to North America commissioned a research study of a significant sampling of PCA Church Planter Spouses (CPS) to better and more fully understand this challenge. Its focus is made clear in this paragraph from the study:

"The concern is that the church planting years have established poor patterns for the marriage and the family would seem obvious that major transformation is required. Both spouse and church planter need guidance in managing family and marriage in relationship to the stresses of ministry. Special attention must be given to the unique dynamic in the life of the CPS and thus the effect on the marriage. It is my hope that this study will spark further thought, consideration and action which will benefit the church planter, his spouse, his family and eventually the church itself." (from p. 31 of A Study of PCA Church Planter Spouse Stress and Satisfaction Levels by Shari Thomas, March 2005)

This PowerPoint presentation deals with many of the main questions and points of the CPS Study, including the following:
  • How does the church planter's work affect his relationship with his wife and family?
  • What are some of the boundary ambiguities the wife experiences in her involvement in the work of her husband's church?
  • The primary sources of the pastor's wife's stress or satisfaction.
  • The presence or lack of a sufficient clergy spouse support system.
We invite you to view this Church Planter Spouse Study slide presentation and use its ideas as a starting point for dealing with this kind of situation in your own church. If you have questions or need further information, please contact me.

In His service,

Ted Powers
MNA Church Planting Coordinator

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