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Tropical Storm Imelda – Beaumont Takes a Hit

Tropical Storm Imelda was the fifth wettest tropical storm on record to hit the US. Many areas in SE TX received up to 40 inches of rain from this storm; Beaumont was the most impacted area with many roadways, businesses, and homes under several feet of water.

MNA Disaster Response has been in contact with our PCA leadership assisting in initial assessments. The initial shipment of MNA DR Sheds of Hope will be delivered to Beaumont this week, with more to be delivered as requested.

Please check back here for more information as it becomes available.

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Update on Paradise CA Fire: Personal Letter from Pastor Josh Lee…

PUERTO RICO – Scheduling Volunteers for 2019

The work of rebuilding in Puerto Rico in response to Hurricanes Irma and Maria continues. The needs are still great with some areas of the island still without power. The local PCA pastors and leadership are requesting volunteer teams to come and assist with a specific, targeted area. They have also set up a strong volunteer staging site to house volunteers who come to assist the in their work. Click here for more information about the specific project they are working on, the La Hormiga Project.

If you are interested in serving, please contact Sherry Lanier at slanier@pcanet.org for more information.

To see a video about the situation and current need in Puerto Rico, please click here.

Ongoing Need for Flood Buckets

Major flood events have been happening at a record pace over the past year and are continuing. MNA Disaster Response is requesting your help in being prepared to help those who are impacted by floods. Flood buckets are needed by the hundreds when a flood occurs. The MNA Disaster Response warehouse provides a place to store these buckets so that they can be shipped immediately when needed. For more information, please click here. Click here to view a video about flood bucket assembly.
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