Introducing Engaging Disability – Disability Ministry for the PCA

New Faces, New Expressions, Same Work

Founding director, Stephanie Hubach, is following her passion for educating others and has become a Research Fellow in Disability Ministries at Covenant Theological Seminary. Ashley Belknap from Brandon, MS took over as our new director in September 2016. We have also added another associate director, Kristen Harnly, from Philadelphia, PA.

Making the gospel accessible has always been (and always will be!) at the center of our purpose and mission. We have always been about two things:

1) Seeing the gospel applied in the lives of people with disabilities and their families
2) Seeing the gospel applied in congregational ministry regarding people touched by disability

As we continue with the same philosophy of ministry, we are expressing our purpose and mission in a new way! Our purpose is simply “Engaging Disability with the Gospel.” Our mission is “To engage people touched by disability with the gospel, for their salvation and spiritual growth, and to equip churches to enfold them into all areas of congregational life and ministry.”

We have several new means to express who we are and what we do: a new website,, a blog, updated Facebook page and other social media. We’re also upgrading our newsletter distribution. Before too long we’ll open an online store with innovative resources we’re currently developing.  And soon we will be expanding the resources that we offer for free download on our website.

Spiritual Growth is our Goal

The gospel changes everything – even disability. Every time we see people with disabilities respond to the gospel by coming to faith in Christ or by growing in his or her faith, we are engaging disability. Every time we see a church apply the gospel in all its ministries to enfold people touched by disability, we are engaging disability.

We are here to serve all 1,875 PCA congregations. Let us come alongside you as you seek to reach and enfold people with disabilities and their families in your congregation and community.

Please tell us if your church is doing disability ministry. Ministry to one person or one family touched by disability is disability ministry!

Please connect us to families in the PCA who are experiencing challenges in being enfolded into church body life.  We want to encourage them and help them thrive.

Please tell us how we may help your church welcome folks touched by disability, love and disciple them well, and make them an integral part of your congregation. We are here to serve and help.

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