MNA Engaging Disability Offers Teacher Training Video Series

Available for purchase from August 1 – Sept 13

You asked and we listened to your request for an online teacher training series for enfolding children with special needs into your mixed-ability classrooms. Available for six weeks, you will be able to purchase our online video series designed to equip you for teaching people with varying learning styles.

This license is available for individual use. Unlike our traditional live video trainings, this series will be recorded. You can watch the series anywhere, at your convenience, using a computer or tablet. You will receive a viewing link on August 1, 2019, or at the time of checkout between August 1 – September 13. After September 13, 2019, the teacher training series sales will end, but those who have purchased a license can continue to access the series for viewing.

Individual Viewing License – $12

Group Viewing License – $25

Teacher Training Series Part 1: Classroom Organization and Routines (30 minutes)

When teaching in mixed-ability classrooms, carefully planned routines can become a crucial support for children having various learning styles. In this training, we will delve into classroom and curriculum organization, and we will explore strategies for developing predictable routines that every child will appreciate.

Teacher Training Series Part 2: Adapted Teaching Tips for Mixed-Ability Classrooms (30 minutes)

This may sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. In this training, we will discuss how to plan your lessons and use a simple chart to organize your lesson plans to include adaptations. We will share many practical tips that will make you a more effective teacher.

Teacher Training Series Part 3: Utilizing Buddies in Classroom Settings (30 minutes)

Having a buddy for a child with special needs can be an effective way to promote behavior stability, independence, and learning. Teachers need to understand how to effectively use buddies in their classes. This training will lay the proper foundation for putting teen or adult buddies to work in your classroom.

Teacher Training Series Part 4: Tips for Managing Behavior (30 minutes)

You don’t need to be a behavior specialist to understand how to reinforce desired behavior in gospel-centered ways. This training will challenge your understanding of “bad behavior” and learn how behaviors are forms of communication. You will receive helpful tips, tools, and five strategies that promote discipleship.