COVID-19 a Heavy Burden for Vulnerable Populations

II Corinthians 8 and 9 relates that when believers in the church in Jerusalem were experiencing an extended period of great hardship, the Gentile churches responded sacrificially – and with joy – sending offerings to relieve the suffering of their brothers and sisters in Christ. Today our churches and individual members have a similar opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ in practical ways in the midst of unprecedented need among fellow believers.

The economic disruptions resulting from COVID-19 have caused disproportionate devastation to some of the most vulnerable persons within the PCA, especially in small, predominantly-minority PCA churches, many of them located in economically-challenged areas.

The MNA Ethnos Relief Initiative ( ) has been created by the leaders of Mission to North America’s ethnic minority ministries to raise funds that can be distributed through the deacons of heavily impacted PCA ethnic churches, in response to the significant increase in crucial requests for assistance from brothers and sisters in Christ whose wages were interrupted for months or permanently terminated due to the shutdowns. Many have received neither stimulus payments nor other government assistance, and now have no source of income. They have exhausted their meager savings, and are struggling to feed their families. Some face imminent eviction. Their needs are urgent.

For additional information and donor options, see Use the secure donation button there, or designate a gift for the Ethnos Coalition Relief Fund through the PCA Foundation, or mail checks to Mission to North America, PO Box 890233, Charlotte NC 28289-0233 with a note indicating designation to the MNA Ethnos Relief Fund.