Ethnos Coalition: Who We Are

Who we are:

The Ethnos Coalition is a loving, learning, and serving collaborative community comprised of leaders of ethnic ministries under the Presbyterian Church in America, Mission to North America (PCA/MNA).

What we do:

Ethnos Coalition equips churches to serve ethnic minorities, refugees and the urban poor with love, mercy and experience.


Bland, Jeb – Native American/First Nations Ministries

Caires, Darcy – Network of Portuguese Speaking Churches

Hatch, Pat – Refugee and Immigrant Ministries

Jun, Alex – Korean American Leadership Initiative

Nabors, Randy – Urban and Mercy Ministries

Plummer, Wy – African American Ministries

Sáenz, Hernando – Hispanic Ministries

Sim, Bill – Korean Ministries

St. Germain, Dony– Haitian American Ministries


Hernando Sáenz – Chairman

Jeb Bland – Treasurer

COVID-19 Relief Disbursement Committee:

Hernando Sáenz – Chairman

Jeb Bland – Treasurer

Randy Nabors – Urban and Mercy Ministries


Closed Meetings – Only coalition members are invited to participate.

Open Meetings – Coalition members plus guests are invited to participate.

Fundraising for relief efforts:

Coalition members will collaborate to raise significant amounts of money for relief. We agree that using a small portion of the funds we raise to hire a short-term staff member for administering the funds is wise and necessary.