2019 LAMP Graduate Nathaniel Koliyan serving in Rhode Island

LAMP is at the uppermost echelon of my educational experience, not because LAMP granted me my highest degree to date, but because of the exhaustive curriculum, which incorporates theological studies and ministry involvement, has given me the confidence to pursue the study of Word further higher levels.

My first course was Call to the Ministry. A critical component of Call are called GLEE’s. GLEE’s is an acronym for Guided Learning Evaluation and Experience. The GLEE’s were the real tools and process that induced further inner self-examination of my sense of call to the ministry. The GLEE’s encouraged me  to experiment leading in worship and teach Sunday School in my first year with LAMP. I trained for the office of deacon and I have been serving my church for over ten years! I served as Coordinator of my church’s tutorial children ministry called Love-in-Action, staffed by RUF Brown University and RISD students volunteers. I served as a Recruiter and Facilitator of my church’s annual Vacation Bible School. I served as Chair of deacons for a year. Success in ministry involvements helped assure and sustain my sense of calling. Most significantly, I am witnessing how the Lord blesses the labors for His church.

LAMP’s exhaustive curriculum makes the most profound impact on me over the years—I have finished my course work but this will last. The in-depth nature of LAMP courses helped me discover my learning style. In as much as completing assignments is required, the mature orientation of LAMP’s facilitators always induced a sense of thoroughness on me. This fits my learning style because every session with my facilitators required reporting and defending my understanding of the materials, I worked hard for a good grasp of various topics.

My immediate future hopes for ministry is a licensure. I have preached three sermons and delivered a Christmas message that were well-received by my congregation. Even more pressing is my prayer to matriculate to the Westminster Theological Seminary DMin program by the grace of God. I believe that LAMP has equipped me pursue further theological studies that I so desire.