Congratulations LAMP Seminary Graduate Zac Collins

Zac came into the PCA 11+ years ago, having served in another denomination for 8 years. With only an MA rather than an MDiv. He felt he had his work cut out for him if he were to pursue ordination in the PCA. As the Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministries plus being married with 2 younger boys, Zac began to plug away at another degree through Reformed Theological Seminary. The time and financial factors were quite overwhelming, as many know, and he saw no end in sight. Understanding the situation, a Teaching Elder on the leadership development committee in his Presbytery asked if Zac had ever looked into LAMP Theological Seminary.  He immediately went online and contacted Brian Kelso, and was so encouraged by what he found out. Not only could Zac complete a class in 6 weeks, he would also have weekly interaction with a Teaching Elder at a learning site to help work through the course and see it applied in a practical way in ministry. To top it off, each class was hundreds of dollars cheaper than any other seminary he knew of. Solid teaching, practical hands on application, saving money and shorter time frame was a no brainer. So he began his journey with LAMP. Zac shared that he really enjoyed the classes and the content throughout the process. But the area most appreciated was having a learning mentor. Because of the simple nature of it, distance learning can often be isolating. LAMP overcomes this deficiency in most online programs by having a learning mentor assigned to each student. Course requirements include weekly meetings to discuss the course and how it can be applied in a ministry setting. These meetings were helpful for accountability and for processing material, but in the end Zac felt they gave him another great friend in ministry. After completing the ordination process he is thankful to LAMP for being a part of it. After having such an incredible experience at LAMP he and a few other pastors are looking to become a regional learning site for English and Spanish speakers.

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