Congratulations LAMP Graduate Benjamin Ressler

LAMP Seminary would like to congratulate recent graduate, Benjamin Ressler!

Benjamin received his calling into ministry when he was in high school. He proceeded to attend Bible College and Seminary but never received his Master of Divinity degree. His journey into full time ministry had been long and arduous. As a father of two, working full time, time and money were major roadblocks to completing his degree. In the Fall of 2017 LAMP was offered in the Charlotte North Carolina Region. LAMP took away every excuse Benjamin had for finishing his Masters Degree.

He shared “It is an inexpensive option that allows one to balance life’s responsibilities. The education was just as good as my previous, traditional seminary experience. In fact, in many ways it was better because each class was balanced with Theological knowledge and pastoral training.”

Benjamin completed his degree at the end of 2019 and was ordained in the Catawba Valley Presbytery PCA in January 2020.

Congratulations Benjamin!