LAMP Seminary Graduate Timothy Mindemann

LAMP Seminary is blessed to recognize another 2018 Graduate. Tim’s story (below) is common among LAMP students who are seeking to receive training for the Gospel ministry in the PCA in the context of their local church. For more information contact LAMP Seminary at or call (954) 816-5813.

Tim’s Testimony

LAMP Graduate Tim Mindemann with FamilyMy educational road has been a long one. For the last 11 years, I’ve had the joy of serving as an un-ordained Assistant Pastor for Youth and Family Ministries at Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church in Quarryville, Pennsylvania.  I began taking seminary classes at Reformed Theological Seminary in Washington DC in 2009. While the classes at RTS were excellent, the class schedule and travel time needed to attend RTS were difficult for me.  As a full-time Youth Pastor, husband and father of 4, the needs of ministry and family life often had to come before education. In His good providence, the Lord provided another way for me to complete my degree through LAMP Seminary.

LAMP Seminary was the perfect fit. The quality of the coursework was on the same level as what I had at RTS. The coursework, lectures, reading, were all very similar, but the schedule was much more flexible. I even had one of the same professors with LAMP that I had previously at RTS. But another added bonus for me was that my LAMP studies were able to be much more integrated into my current ministry at Faith Church.

Because the Lord has led me through this less traditional route, I have been given the blessing of having an immensely practical training in pastoral ministry. Through LAMP, I have been personally mentored by a Pastor with over 40 years of ministry experience, Rev. Dan Perrin. I’ve also had more time available to learn from the ordained Pastors and elders of Faith Church. Having served with seasoned Pastors and having had the privilege of sitting in with Faith Church’s session for 10 years, I have been able to have a front-row seat in watching how other elders have shepherded and guided the flock, often through challenging situations. LAMP Seminary has given me the flexibility to be able to work through classes even with a busy schedule, and to be able to directly apply what I was learning to my daily ministry.

I completed my degree through LAMP Seminary this past spring, and was licensed by the Susquehanna Valley Presbytery in May 2018. Not only did LAMP equip me as a Youth Pastor, but it also prepared me to follow God’s call for my future as well. I have accepted a call to Pastor Memorial Presbyterian Church in Elizabethton, Tennessee. Lord willing, our family will be moving at the beginning of the coming summer to follow the Lord’s leading. We are excited to see what He will do as we follow His call across state lines. I am very thankful for the men who put so much of their time and energy into mentoring and training me, and for the needed structure and guidance that came through LAMP Seminary.

Timothy Mindemann

2018 LAMP Graduate – Mdiv