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Casson Family 2016

Director Mark Casson with his wife Raylene and daughters Joelle and Eliana.

Mark Casson, Director

There are some things that a person never forgets. They are indelibly etched into his mind. For Mark Casson, it was the words of a Superior Court Judge who told him in March, 1989, “I hereby sentence you to life in prison with the possibility of parole. The key word here, sir, is possibility. You may never parole from prison and in fact, you may die there. Do you understand this sentence I am imposing on you?”

These words were spoken only a few weeks after Mark was converted to Christ through jail/prison ministry. For the next 15+ years, he would spend his days growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Mark availed himself of the few Bible studies and courses which were available to him, and he spent much of his time in the Word, teaching others and ministering from the “inside”.

Mark went to five parole hearings and was denied parole each time. It was at the sixth hearing that he heard the words, “By unanimous decision, we find you suitable for parole.” On February 19, 2004, he walked out of prison a twice freed man.

Mark has continued his active Christian life on the outside. For 9 years he and his family lived in Fresno CA, where Mark served as a ruling elder at Sierra View Presbyterian Church (PCA). In 2013 they moved to Chattanooga TN, where Mark currently serves as a ruling elder at First Presbyterian Church (PCA). Metanoia is now headquartered in Chattanooga.

Since his release, Mark has been involved in the Dare to Hope program, which takes a message of hope into the prisons in his area. He has been blessed to return to prison more than a dozen times through this program. He has been actively involved in teaching Bible Studies, Sunday School, and the occasional exhortation from the pulpit. He has worked with people at the local Rescue Mission, and he continues to minister to children at a local children’s shelter with the members of his church.

In 2007 Mark was added to the Board of Directors of Metanoia Ministries. Sensing Mark’s burden for prisoners, his love for the great commission and his desire to see men and women changed through the power of the gospel, the Board called Mark to be their Executive Director in 2008.


Shelly Marshall, Correspondence Course Facilitator

Mrs. Michelle “Shelly” Marshall is married with two children, Emily Ann and Owen Langley Marshall. Shelly was raised by a single mom who expected her children to fend for themselves, achieve good grades, and make something of their lives. They frequented the Polish Catholic Church in her hometown of Syracuse, New York, but the services were conducted completely in Polish.

Shelly’s early adult life revolved around work and drinking. In her early thirties, Shelly got seriously sick, which led her to re-evaluate her lifestyle and an obvious problem with alcohol and cocaine. She checked herself into a drug and alcohol program where she found temporary relief in Alcoholic’s Anonymous (A.A.) and Cocaine Anonymous (C.A.) .Shortly thereafter, one of her friends from the meetings invited her to church. A few Sundays later the Lord graciously changed her heart. Miraculously, Shelly became a new creature in Christ with absolutely no desire to ever drink or drug again.

Shelly has a rich background in bookkeeping, office management, database set-up and management, tax preparation, and utilizing a wide variety of computer programs. She had her own bookkeeping business for many years serving lawyers, restaurant owners, and small business owners.

Shelly has a real heart for prison ministry. Her prison ministry experience began when she married her husband who spent 10 years in prison. When her husband graduated from seminary, they founded Metanoia Ministries (MM) together and opened a discipleship home for men just getting out of prison. For five years Shelly served as the matriarch and assistant to the director as she helped her husband oversee MM, keep the ministry books, and interacted daily with each of the men who lived in the home. When MM needed more beds to meet the growing number of applicants, Shelly used an inheritance she had received to help Metanoia Ministries move into a new 14 bed facility. She said, “It is God’s money, and so it should be used for God’s purposes.” Shelly participated in some of the new resident interviews, she regularly served as an extra pair of eyes and ears, and she managed all the finances for the ministry.

Today, Shelly holds the title of Executive Assistant to the Executive Director of Metanoia Ministries. Her responsibilities include designing all the handsome correspondence course covers, setting up and maintaining a comprehensive database, copying and reproducing all of our course materials, mailing all the course material to instructors, students, and chaplains, interacting with all our instructors and students, and handling a dozen other odds and ends that pop up week to week.

Shelly is thankful she has the opportunity to serve brothers and sisters in Christ who are in prison. She knows what it is like to be imprisoned in sin as well as the joy of being set free by the Sovereign Grace of God. She sees the need. Her prayer is to be a small part of the solution to that need.


Mark Andrews, Regional Director, NC

Mark was raised in a difficult home environment, in Charlotte NC, and rebelled in his early teens.  His rebellion included involvement with illegal substances. Upon leaving home, at seventeen, with few options to support him, Mark joined the Navy. He served six years, the last four stationed in Rota Spain. Coming home Mark worked as a computer repairman for a couple years.

When he was 30, he met and married his wife Pat.  During pre-marital counseling Mark and Pat were exposed to the Gospel and developed a relationship with the Lord soon after being married.

Despite a lack of secondary education God has blessed his family financially in his employment as an information technology sales person, sales manager and business owner.  Mark has great appreciation for business leaders who God used, to help him provide for his family.

Mark has been called to serve “the least of these” in prison. He appreciates the opportunity to give back in recognition for the blessings he has received spiritually and financially.

Mark, and his wife Pat, live in Charlotte NC and have been married for 33 years.   Mark has been a ruling elder in the PCA for over twenty years. Pat serves as a volunteer at a local crisis pregnancy center.  They have six children whose age’s ranges from 19 to 42 years old.  They also have nine grandchildren.


Tim McCracken, Regional Director, Central CA

For nearly 29 years, Rev. Tim McCracken served as Pastor of First Reformed Presbyterian Church in Fresno, CA, before coming on staff with Metanoia Ministries as Regional Director San Joaquin Valley March 1, 2017.

In 2006 Pastor Tim received a letter from an inmate on the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility (SATF) side of Corcoran State Prison, which asked, “Do you ever write to prisoners?”  Through fellowship with that man, and through the bible study that formed as a result, Pastor Tim began to realize the vastness of the prison population near Fresno and the uniqueness of both the need and opportunity there.  Fresno is located within an hour and a half’s drive of about 34,000 incarcerated persons!  Over time, opportunities arose for a teaching relationship with about 100 men on 5 yards at 3 different facilities, and in each case the men asked that the studies be started.

The uplifting fellowship and eagerness of the brothers began to make Tim wonder if there could be a way to eventually serve as a full-time missionary chaplain to these men, but reflection on the Metanoia model of ministry convinced him that helping to cultivate a mission mind and sense of joint endeavor in our area churches was more important than seeking to personally minister in as many places as possible.  In the broader San Joaquin Valley, our like-minded churches have so much to offer the 18 prisons within reach!  Dozens can be recruited.  Hundreds!  Maintaining the existing long-term relationships at the three facilities mentioned as a foundation, Tim eagerly anticipates the multiplication of relationship that will develop through partnering with and serving Valley churches.

Tim and his wife Lori are the parents of three grown children, and they both have a great love for music.  Lori has served for many years as accompanist for both Fresno’s wonderful Inspire-1 youth choirs and the Sierra Chamber Opera, and Tim enjoys a cappella singing and leading the young men’s High School Ensemble from Inspire-1.

Paul Miller, Regional Director, Texas

Upon graduating from Westminster Theological Seminary, Paul Miller served seven years as the founding RUF campus minister at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. During his time there he was invited to join a local prison ministry. Though he was very anxious at the thought of entering a maximum security prison, he was excited about the opportunity to share the gospel with those incarcerated. Upon his first visit, Paul’s heart was filled with the love of God for prisoners. Inmates immediately responded to him, asking him to return to preach in their chapel services whenever possible. Paul found that inmates were quick to open up to him, seeking his counsel on how to have a closer walk with the LORD. He wondered if God may be calling him into full time prison ministry.

After much counsel and prayer, Paul has decided to accept the call to be the first Regional Director for Metanoia Prison Ministries in Texas. The Miller’s are very excited for this new opportunity to share the glorious gospel of Christ’s saving grace throughout the prisons in Texas. Paul believes that his life with all of its highs and lows, victories and struggles, has prepared him to minister in a the very difficult environment of prisons.

Paul and Laura met in Dallas marrying in 2003. Jack came along in 2009 and is their greatest blessing. The Miller’s enjoy vacations at the beach, good movies, neighborhood walks, and playing tennis together. Paul is a foodie who loves to cook and enjoys sharing meals with friends and family. Besides caring for the family and helping Paul with ministry, Laura enjoys working part time for Stitch Fix as a stylist. Jack keeps his parents entertained with his stories, plays, and by teaching them Minecraft. Jack also enjoys cub scouts and soccer. The Miller family would not be complete without their two lovable dogs, Mathis and Thomas.

Tony Rogers, Regional Representative, South Carolina

Tony Rogers was converted to Christ in 1993 while incarcerated in the Southern Desert Correctional Institution in Indian Springs, Nevada. Since his release a few years later he desired to enter the gospel ministry. After many twists and turns of God’s providence—during which time he got married, had children, and went to college—Tony was eventually admitted into the divinity program at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in June of 2014 and graduated in May of 2018.

While in seminary Tony and his family were making preparations to move and minister overseas upon his graduation. However, in his final year of seminary his youngest daughter came down with a rare and protracted illness that required remaining in the States. With the original plans of ministering overseas derailed, and graduation fast approaching, Tony mentioned to a friend that his greatest desire has always been to devote himself to the work of pastoral ministry to prisoners but he didn’t see any way to do so while also supporting his family. Tony’s friend then told him about Metanoia and promptly contacted Mark Casson, who had been praying for the Lord to send someone to help with the work in South Carolina.

In May of 2019 Calvary Presbytery called Tony to be pastor of prison ministries and he now serves in this capacity as the Regional Director for Metanoia in South Carolina, where he lives with his wife and three of his four children.

Barry SmithBarry Smith, Regional Representative, Tennessee

After 30 years of serving in ministries in a variety of capacities Barry stumbled and fell hard. In 2007, during a time of depression and deep discouragement he turned to alcohol for relief and became an alcoholic. On his downward spiral he did things and hurt people in ways he never thought he would. As a result, he was divorced, deposed from the ministry, sentenced to five years’ probation, and for two years lived in an inner-city rescue mission.

It was during his time that Jesus began to reveal himself to Barry in deeper ways than he had previously known. He began to understand grace for even the worst of sinners, of which there was no doubt he was one.

In 2010 Barry moved to Miami and was remarried. Through the love, acceptance, and support he received from his wife and his pastor he was able to understand and embrace the love and acceptance of Jesus. With that, Barry has been sober since August 2014.

With sobriety came a reawakened desire to serve in ministry. But where can a disgraced, former pastor serve? In 2016 he was asked to teach a course for MINTS Seminary at Dade Correctional Institution in Florida City, FL.

At Dade Barry found men enlivened by the Spirit who passionately wanted to serve God and make a difference for His Kingdom. They were hungry to be educated and trained so that they could minister effectively inside their prison and in churches and ministries after their release.

In 2017 Barry was asked to become the prison ministry developer for MINTS Seminary. Since that time the program has expanded from three prisons in Florida to twenty prisons in four states. In 2018 Barry connected with Mark Casson and a partnership between MINTS Seminary-in-Prison and Metanoia Prison Ministries launched with a Seminary program at Walker State Prison.

Barry comes to Metanoia as a Regional Director working primarily with the mentoring program at Walker State Prison and exploring opportunities for Metanoia in the state of Tennessee. He continues as the developer for MINTS Seminary-in-Prison. He is excited to combine Metanoia discipling and mentoring with MINTS theological education and ministry training in a comprehensive program for prisoners.

Barry has a MA in Religion from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and will soon have a MA in Theological Studies from MINTS. Barry and his wife Gail have eight children and five grandchildren between them. They live in Hixson, TN, just north of Chattanooga.